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  1. KiddBaker

    Glad you chose DS after a 1-2 hour search! Hope to meet you in game!
  2. KiddBaker

    Welcome to the server and forums! I hope to meet you in game i'll gladly be your friend!
  3. KiddBaker

    IGN:Kidd Baker  Number: 87 88 Is already taken newbeedream  
  4. KiddBaker

    Thank you everyone for your warm welcomes so far. I hope to meet and speak to everyone! I appreciate the open doors for help!
  5. KiddBaker

    Hello everyone I am Kidd Baker. I am 21 years old and I reside in the United States. I enjoy playing RSPS with a fun community. I don't talk much but I am very easy to talk to and get along with. If theirs anything you'd like to know please don't hesitate to ask! I hope to meet many of you!

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