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  1. until

    GL ALL ❤️
  2. DS lucky


    get better Nala, can't be there tomorrow tho. See you again sunday ❤️
  3. DS lucky


    GL guys ❤️
  4. DS lucky


    will be another amazing event 😄
  5. DS lucky


    good luck all!
  6. DS lucky

    I'll be there ofcourse see you guys tnight!
  7. DS lucky


  8. until

  9. DS lucky

    ty for the update CJ, let's get some lvl 2+ tres chests now! 😄
  10. DS lucky


    good luck 😄 may the best planter win.
  11. DS lucky

    Owner(s) Chuck (Owner) Chuck is one of my favorite staff members in-game. He is often online and together with Nala they manage to host amazing events daily. Please keep hosting those events to help regular but also starting people to have a great start at playing Dreamscape! CjBear (Co-Owner) I got to say i do not really see you often online, but when you are, the best deals are going on in-game. From goodies to boxes, every deal is another amazing one I'd love to see. Manager(s) Feeds (Server Manager) I think we have different timezones, because I haven't seen you online like ever. But as I see you are the server manager, I would like to thank you for helping out this server. It is really amazing with so much upcoming content every time. Keep going and I'd hope to meet you one day in-game or at discord. Lt Limes (Head Support) As multiple people already mentioned you might sometimes be a bit afk by not directly responding to players in-game, but I believe you have a lot more important work to do than just responding to everyone in-game. Helpers should answer those questions and you should keep the server safe and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for being a great head of support. Administrator(s) Jason (Administrator) Jason has fast responds and is willing to help when anyone has an important question. Thank you for being direct and just staying calm whenever someone is tilting. Keep it up. Australia (Administrator) You are very often online when I am, which I really like because I always have questions haha. You often yell threads for help guides like clue scrolls which I really love about you. Please stay this great and supportive to the server and community. Bodhi (Forum Administrator, Server Support) I have not been able to see/talk to you since I started playing Dreamscape again. But I would like to thank you for making this thread to give feedback to staff members. We get to tell our opinions about every staff member which I think is both good for us (the community), as for the staff members. I think you are a very supportive and helpful staff member. Once again thank you for setting up this feedbackthread and your support to the server. #TheNetherlandssecond ja toch? Moderator(s) Regis (In-Game Moderator) I have not been able to see/talk to you in-game either. I'd love to talk once in-game or on discord. Thank you for being the in-game moderator and keeping this rsps the greatest one I have ever played. Server Support(s) Jota (Server Support) At first, congrats on becoming moderator! Always up to answer questions whenever anyone has some. Next to that you'd love to attend events like battleground which I really like. Please keep join those so I can beat you there haha. Joke, keep it up mr moderator. Afade (Server Support) I have not been able to spot you in-game to be honest. I'd like to talk in-game or on discord someday. As a server support I believe you are just as amazing as Jota, which means you are supportive and always wanting to help people who have questions. Thank you for being a support to the server on behalf of the community! What do you think of the Server? Is there something you'd like to see change? 1. Change the loot from treasure chests and make it possible to obtain chest up to level 8, instead of only level 1. 2. Try to discuss with other staff members who is online and at what time. I often see 5-6 staff members online one day time and then only 0-1 the other day. 3. Add new items to current bosses, making them more attractive to attend. Bosses like Sea troll queen, shadow king, vetion, nex and many more are not really worth going for anymore. Adding new items might get this more attractive, which makes the server even more enjoyable to play. What do you think of our latest updates? On what should we focused at? In my opinion I think Dreamscape should focus at improving skilling for moneymaking. The introduction of the lava/dream trees was a huge upgrade to Dreamscape but after that I think it went all downhill. I think people would like a money making method through skilling, because at pvm there are always people with better weapons and armor, making it hard to get loot yourself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give feedback to the staff members through this thread @Bodhi Kind Regards,
  12. DS lucky


    As long as Nala and Chuck are around I'll be there. Thank you for hosting daily events, keep it up!
  13. DS lucky

    Count me in! GMT+1 - Ds lucky

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