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    516 go guy's
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    na you don't ?
  7. Killer One

    welcome back dear @Cooni
  8. Killer One

    welcome back mate, you've been missed Greetz killer one
  9. Killer One

    Damm guys amazing updates! Ty dev team fort these updates!!! Keep up the gold work! Greetz Killer one
  10. Killer One

    Gratz to all winners! Great event man! I'll om you when im back from Holiday
  11. Killer One

    number 13 please good luck every1 Greetz killer one
  12. Killer One

    Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stayment with us! Greetz, Killer One
  13. Killer One

    Very nice said @Half. also i agree with @Uzi dreamscape is a home for every1 the community of dreamscape is family and family is everything!! #DREAMSCAPE4LIFE
  14. great guide mate, this helped me alot. No laggs in 4-5 day's amazing! Keep up the good work mate)! Greetz Killer one
  15. Killer One

    Damm nice update guy's! Who's gonna get those 2 new legendary items as first! Keep up the good work Greetz Killer one