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  1. Detoxify V2

    Scroll of Ascension What is the content called How does it work? The content I would like to Provide is called the Scroll of Ascension and it may have you curious what I mean by Ascension, we’ll let me break it down for you, A player would have to purchase this scroll of ascension within the store and when used upon a upgradeable weapon it has a 100% success rate. What rewards does it give? It upgrades your item without failure. How will it benefit server/players? It will allow for more of a option to the players because many keep sacrificing so much of their currency in game to upgrade one specific thing and this could be another approach at it. How could it be expanded in the future? i could see tons of donations towards this scroll. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I honestly could not see a downside to this item being implicated to the game. It’s been pondering on my mind for quite some time now but I would suggest it be a rather expensive item in the shop due to it being a no fail upgrade scroll. -Detoxify #DSGANG
  2. Detoxify V2

    I will be making my full return to DS as of today I’ve never really announced it before hand but it feels good to be back home. Lots of new faces and very few old faces but nonetheless I love meeting new people and helping out the community in every way, shape and form I can. Over the years I’ve dealt with having a kid and getting a new job to support my family but it all went well and I’m just glad to be back with y’all! Thank you, Detoxify
  3. Detoxify V2

    I don’t think it would need a special attack if it were to be made AOE but as far as making it AOE I support it! Especially for the price range at which it is.
  4. As you all may know many of the raids that we all love so dearly, such as Voldemort, Vendura, O.G Dragon, Diablo, Raiden all have a kill counter when completion of that specific raid yet Executive Raids does not and I think many of our executive players would love to know how many times they have completed the executive raid and I think adding a kill counter to this would be very nice add! Moving onto ::upgrade I love the tele format first and foremost don’t get me wrong but the location seems a bit crammed and I think it could use a more viable space just with a bit more room. Lastly, the Donator zones I think a location change to regular Donator Zone is a must, not only that I think it needs more monsters to pvm because killing only penguins there just defeats the purpose of even being a regular Donator and for all Donator Zone shops I think it could use a revamp in items and I have a list of ideas to further that in shops but I won’t go in depth on that just now! But that is all I have to say about trying to make things more user friendly and efficient! Also thank you for whoever takes to time to read this long thing I know I kind of went a bit overboard but it’s been pondering on my mind for quite some time and I just felt like the community should hear my input on some things! ❤️
  5. Detoxify V2

    Challenge accepted
  6. Your a true friend and will always be the Icy King ;) remember that :)

    1. Detoxify V2

      Detoxify V2

      I appreciate that bro :)

  7. Detoxify V2

    Thanks for the love guys it is most appreciative and I wish you all the best of luck in your daily walk in life! #DSGANGBROTHERS
  8. Well guys...... I never thought this day would come, but sadly i will be gone till my work hours are resolved. I will miss every single one of you I don't want to be specific on the names because honestly it would take years for me to finish all the great times well spent here with you guys! A special thanks to Chuck and Zeven for giving me the opportunity to become a staff member and giving me the chance to show what I was capable of and trusting me it was a real honor working with you guys! Also the dearest friends close to me Vince, Mirage, Potentials, Half, Dafire, Epok, Zeven, Chuck, Chris, and lastly Adrian! It has been a heck of a run guys but I will always cherish the memorable moments here with you guys! I will always be around guys to please keep in touch with me and have awesome chats! Also I want to see a ton of "#DSGANG" on the comments! We are always going to be a family regardless of the position! Each and every one of you are dear to me there are no favorites! That is all I have to say and I will miss you all very much! #DSGANG4LIFE
  9. Detoxify V2

    Welcome back, I hope you enjoy your stay here with us and many things have changed since you lost remember so if you have any question feel free to ask questions about things because we would love to help the best way we possibly can!
  10. Detoxify V2

    Welcome back man most of them are gone except our lovely donation manager potentials!
  11. Detoxify V2

    Welcome back I hope to see you in game and if you need any assistance at all you can always just contact one of our staff members in game or on forums and will do our best to be there for you!
  12. Detoxify V2

    Awesome to see old members return and I have recently seen you in the shout box lately! Hopefully we can become better acquainted and I wish you the best of luck on your journey of the return after 2 years if you have any questions feel free to ask! There is many new things!
  13. Detoxify V2

    Welcome to Dreamscape it is a pleasure to have you here with us; if you have any questions at all pm me or any of the other staff member and we will do our best to assist you!
  14. Detoxify V2

    Welcome to Dreamscape man! If you have any questions at all just pm me or any of our other staff and we will do all in our path to assist you the best we can Hope to meet you in game as well!

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