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  1. Mcfeast

    I'm sure we'll see eachother around, thanks for the nice words!
  2. Mcfeast

    Username: McfeastRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot):
  3. Mcfeast

    ^Thought you were the last one to comment huh? 😄
  4. Mcfeast

    Hi everyone! After a long break from runescape private servers and any other game I'm back. I remember playing this game back in 2016 and I gotta say, you've upgraded the game in so many different exciting ways. I love how pvming is a thing now and having the opportunity to rebuild without donating is sick and something I missed back in the day. However my name is Seb, I'm 22 years old and I live in Sweden. It's really cold here since I live up north and the snow is comming to get me. I work as a Team manager for a company called WebHelp and my job is pretty much to lead the team and help people taking calls. To make everything clear, "WebHelp" Is a customer support/service company. I look forward to play the game I've always loved, and with so many updates since my leave 2016, I certainly look forward to test everything out. Do you have any questions about me or anything, feel free to ask your question down below and if you wanna ball together in game, PM me in game and we'll do something! Cheers, McFeast/Seb
  5. Mcfeast

    My vote goes for  Phoenix, extremely good guy, loyal and dedicated to the game.   Good luck contestants!
  6. Mcfeast

    Nice man, that's some cool achievements right there!   Good luck reaching your goals!
  7. Mcfeast

    I enjoyed this droplog, very nice and good luck.
  8. Mcfeast

    Good luck with this, hopefully there will be a lot more people entering!
  9. Mcfeast

    8/10, you're doing a great job, let's have a talk some time!
  10. Mcfeast

    Nice one man!
  11. Mcfeast

    Welcome man!
  12. Mcfeast

    Good stuff, good luck and I will continue checking your vids out!
  13. Mcfeast

    Hello. My name is Sebastian, I'm a 19 year old guy from Sweden. I was playing dreamscape back in the days but quitted and recently decided to give it another go. If you've got any further questions about me or anything else, please feel free to pm me ingame or comment your questions below. Cheers

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