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  1. AsleepDemon

    https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Undead_Set The set has already been added to the wiki.
  2. AsleepDemon

    I could get behind 1$ for 10m, it would me it a very simple flat rate and you dont have people trying to screw over new players looking to sell donations or buy donations and people giving them an inflated rate.
  3. AsleepDemon

    I'll take some of that xDD
  4. AsleepDemon

    Lit G keep it up
  5. AsleepDemon

    It'll take me ages for the skills lol
  6. AsleepDemon

    Pretty good guide very helpful for beginners
  7. AsleepDemon

    @splitrunnerhas been banned for being split
  8. AsleepDemon

    Do you sell the souls or open the chest?
  9. AsleepDemon

    Poor sonic be gettin slaughtered
  10. AsleepDemon

  11. AsleepDemon

    That looks dope
  12. AsleepDemon

    Facts G.
  13. AsleepDemon

    Ironmen always feel stuck unless they get insanely lucky or donate xD
  14. AsleepDemon

    @Ninja has been banned for using the word "woke"
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