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  1. bump - PM if you need anything done!
  2. Gfx Stock

    Thank you and yes I plan to open my shop back up again! Thanks brothrrrr
  3. Gfx Stock

    So finally I'm back to Dreamscape and I'm gonna put this little thread together showing some old and newer Graphics! Feedback much appreciated P.S some of these are from where i first started hopefully you can see some kind of progression ?
  4. Gfx Stock

    I used to play dreamscape constantly about 3 years ago, obviously took a MASSIVE break but very glad to be back. Hopefully going to open another GFX shop soon!!!
  5. Gfx Stock

    Thank you, means alot my man
  6. Gfx Stock

        ty guys
  7. Gfx Stock

    Recently I have started designing my own clothes. This is the brand name.    
  8. Gfx Stock

    as Tyrant said this is very blank is it's a poster about oragami or paper folding or whatever, maybe use that as the theme and make it "feel" like that instead of just having a picture of oragami on there. if that makes sense.
  9. Gfx Stock

    very nice c4d work. I suck at that shit lmao
  10. Gfx Stock

    np, enjoy
  11. Gfx Stock

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