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  1. Gfx Stock

    The Torag one could be really really cool with some shading done to it!
  2. Gfx Stock

    I have begun to use a new program called "Affinity photo" so I haven't had a chance to get used to its features and how everything works on it. So while just practicing and getting back into the swing of things I created this quick wallpaper from a city photo on google, used some color correction tools and added a quick quote I found online. Also if you want to download the file itself and use it to practice color corrections or add whatever you'd like to it i have the link for the file here: https://easyupload.io/owyxio
  3. Gfx Stock

    This is what I like to see, nice and clean and everything almost melts together and everything makes sense when you look at it. Also it's really too bad that the Logos you made are like whats all filling up the market as far as twitch goes, so those are kinda played out to me 😕 the crowns are dope though.
  4. Gfx Stock

    Not bad at all, the color scheme is actually really nice (I'm colorblind so designing stuff with lots of colors is difficult for me) it does catch the eye and it's appealing! If I would say something to tweak or change I'd say that there is TOO MUCH going on in the photo all at once, and I think by taking some of the stuff out would help the text stand out a little bit more.
  5. Wassup my guy


    1. babytracer


      Ayyyyyy you found me finally xd


  6. bump - PM if you need anything done!
  7. Gfx Stock

    Thank you and yes I plan to open my shop back up again! Thanks brothrrrr
  8. Gfx Stock

    So finally I'm back to Dreamscape and I'm gonna put this little thread together showing some old and newer Graphics! Feedback much appreciated P.S some of these are from where i first started hopefully you can see some kind of progression ?
  9. Gfx Stock

    I used to play dreamscape constantly about 3 years ago, obviously took a MASSIVE break but very glad to be back. Hopefully going to open another GFX shop soon!!!
  10. Gfx Stock

    Thank you, means alot my man
  11. Gfx Stock

        ty guys

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