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  1. Daijiru

    I like the idea of adding them to different areas around the game
  2. Daijiru

    I'm liking this one the best. https://gyazo.com/527c34792cfe3e8d05707385bb0aeda5
  3. Daijiru

    Congrats to all of the hard working members of the DreamScape Community who got promoted .
  4. Daijiru

    Keep it up man! Very creative post
  5. Daijiru

    Very well put together. Got the info that i needed as well Really nice work.
  6. Daijiru

    Possibly reinstall the game itself. I've never had any market/POS issues.
  7. Daijiru

    Those new weapons have their own unique abilities already though. I think giving these two weapons a damage increase would end up ultimately making them overpowered.
  8. Daijiru

    Not a bad idea at all. I think this could be implemented into the game for sure.
  9. Daijiru

    Have a fun journey man! A lot to achieve here and I don't have a doubt in my mind that you'll conquer them!
  10. Daijiru

    Keep up the grind my man!
  11. Daijiru

    Congrats man! Very impressive.
  12. Daijiru

    That's what's up man!! good shit! Keep it up
  13. I love using RANGE ;)

  14. Daijiru

    Welcome to the forums man!