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  1. I am bambi

    I agree, I even brought "monster energy drink (heals to 209 hp) and got whacked by 3 Shredders in dreamland. They hit me 60hp per whack, consecutively. Worst part of this is I have full Mandalorian set, shadow pet, Decimators MH/OH, platinum prayer vortex and other max endgame gear. Some NPCs attack speed/power gotta be nerfed, or else, I'm gonna have to order me a custom item that will instantly heal me to full hp per hit, lol.
  2. I am bambi

    Big VOUCH!! I thought dreamscape was about a never ending grind? I died at Hades 3 times with end-game gear since this update. Not cool lol.
  3. until

    Awesome event!!
  4. I am bambi

    Username: I am Bambi Rank: Executive Proof (screenshot):
  5. I am bambi

    The Majestic Lava Set.

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