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  1. This is a great idea, would give another reason to grind sponsor dragon, because there isn't really anything at the sponsor zone that's worth killing since 2017. to make it less OP and more unique you could swap out some the 1 in 20 max hit for, it gives a 50% tribrid dmg boost when wearing the sponsor armour or something around that.
  2. yea I vouch for this, item lottery was a good way for anyone to get some good prizes.
  3. Oh damnn, that armour set and amulet look so good, This is a sounddd new years update!!
  4. In-Game Name: Nate Norman. Rank In-Game: Sponsor. Proof: [img]https://i.imgur.com/f74L2OA.png[/img]
  5. just saw that, yea they if this idea actually goes through they would have to probably even out the price.
  6. Just a small idea of adding a new npc or chest to in the upgrade teleport area. this one is just to be able to exchange between offhands and mainhands maybe at the cost of money like how you exchange armour pieces like infernal or omega with the souls. This would help even out the price for each main and offhand also for people who have got multiple decimator9000 offhands from the goodbag island but no mainhand. the chest could consists of the bfg9000 set (mainly for ironmen), all the descimator types, the skull descimator sets and also any sets that may come out in the future.
  7. anyone online that can see my support ticket?.

    1. chz


      It takes some time, be patient. Right before or after sending support tick, it said that it may take 0-48h(was72H before imo) for any solution. Cheers

    2. Nate Norman

      Nate Norman

      ahh fair enough, didnt see the time, cheers for the info.


  8. ayyyee going mad with them dice events, i'm straight winning this time
  9. Damnnnn this is a pretty big event, thanks for hosting!! goodluck everyone!. IGN: Nate Norman Time Zone: GMT
  10. Nice event, decided to change mine because i thought this looked pretty sick, this is the NOTORIOUS NATE NORMAN SETUP Goodluck everyone!!
  11. ign: liumron GMT cheers and GL!!
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