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    Ingame Username: Nate Norman Forum Username: Nate Norman How old are you?: 19 What is your current location?: United Kingdom Have you ever been blocked from the wiki?: Nope Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did: I used to be a Wiki Editor on my old account back in 2017 few a few months but i had to stop because my account got hacked, then shortly after my laptop broke so i wasn't able to play for a few months. Create a brief introduction about yourself. Hello, My name is Mikey and I've been playing ds since 2016 but had a year or so break in 2017-18, i played Runescape around 2006-09 then started playing Silabsoft in 2010 and i never stopped playing Rsps's after that. In real life i'm currently doing a level 3 diploma in animal conservation and welfare and hoping to go to uni next year to do a bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine because i want to be a vet. Dreamscape is unlike any server I've come across, its not just a bunch a people playing a game it's a genuine community and i feel like its something i want to become more apart of. What are some of your strengths/weaknesses? I would say my main strength is that I'm adaptable, i will pretty much try or do anything that needs to be done and do it the best i can, my biggest weakness is that i've never been very punctual and I've been like that since i was young but that only really applies to real life. What is your best moment with Dreamscape? That would be recently, i was able to turn my Averys ring I into like 500q+ i was winning nearly every single fp but then i went to far and ended up eventually getting cleaned, but I've been making it back and it still it one of the best moments I've had in ds Cheers
  2. ayyyee going mad with them dice events, i'm straight winning this time
  3. Damnnnn this is a pretty big event, thanks for hosting!! goodluck everyone!. IGN: Nate Norman Time Zone: GMT
  4. These new boxes look niceeeeeee, seems like a good addition. Goodluck on opening
  5. Nate Norman

    Nice event, decided to change mine because i thought this looked pretty sick, this is the NOTORIOUS NATE NORMAN SETUP Goodluck everyone!!
  6. Nate Norman

    What is the content called?: The Arcade completion Box.How does it work? It works the same as the beginner/mid and end game bundle boxes, you donate then just open the box.What rewards does it give? It gives everything you need to complete the arcade mini-game, so a necromancer jr, averys ring, oblivion scythe or another weapon, inga/oblivion or infernal armour, infernal boots/gloves and maybe a blue death cape because of the defense stats.How will it benefit server/players? For those few people who are happy to buy what they need for this game it could be helpful getting a box that you know will allow you to complete the arcade, also it would be extremely useful to iron man accounts since getting a necro jr would be quite hard.How could it be expanded in the future? I guess it can't really be expanded but if you we're to try i would say use the same idea for different mini-games or raids setups.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I dont think it would make anything unbalanced or overpowered because it items quite a lot of people have but some people struggle to grind to. You would need to confirm exactly what's going in to the box to figure out a reasonable price for it, but yea i just thought it was a little idea worth making a suggestion about. Keep grinding and Keep supporting
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    in-game name: Nate Norman Rank: Extreme donator proof:
  8. Nate Norman

    Hello!!! Hello Dreamers, I've decided to make a little thread because people have been saying that forums has been a bit dead lately and i want to help change that. For anyone who don't really know what the forums is about, it's about everything to do in the game as well as much more. on forums people can post events, suggestions to make the game more fun(if possible), guides on how to do certain things which can be very helpful for new or returning players, updates on whats new in the game or just general posts about your life. People use forums for all different reasons and the more people that use it and post threads the more helpful it is to everyone who might be looking for something that you've posted. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this happen then pm me on forums, in-game @Nate Norman , @MikeyGadd or leave a comment on this thread. Keep grinding and keep supporting.
  9. Nate Norman

    ign: liumron GMT cheers and GL!!
  10. Nate Norman

    ign: liumron
  11. Nate Norman

    cheers for the event
  12. Nate Norman

    Gl everyone, just something random.
  13. Nate Norman

    IGN: Nate Norman looks so good, cheers for the event.
  14. when does this end? IGN: Mikey420 #SUBBED
  15. Nate Norman


    Thanks for all the welcome's guys hope to see you in-game