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    Being on my Computer, Boxing, Love watching movies and programs, like Doctor who Malcolm in the middle, Heroes & for movies my Favorite would be The Matrix

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  1. Making content's on my mind again >.<

    if you haven't seen my videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqcONXaqQ0q3Cnvj4_bUcEQ?view_as=subscriber

    1. Squishy


      bro. You gots to let me remake your avatar/YouTube banner. That shit is HIDEOUS. Ashamed to say I made it lmao

    2. ChilladinYT


      Squishy's comment made me die haha 
      Yeah man make some videos.

  2. Just time

    well hello there
  3. Just time

    Very clear commentary well done, Try throwing some editing in there different areas of combat etc keep people watching without wanting to tear there eyes out. here's my channel if you feel im being an ass but Nice video https://www.youtube.com/user/DailyServers
  4. Looks like this veteran Ironman has things to obtain.


  5. Just time

    Alot of love and respect for you, and you're dedication
  6. Basically i'm interested to come back, considering the media manager at the time has gone, @Feeds would like me to make content again, The point i'm getting at is that my job etc. Hasnt changed i could only make one quality video a week. So please read the Thread and let me know you're option And if you want to see the Channel you may, https://www.youtube.com/user/DailyServers
  7. Just time

    I have no issues helping the future of youtubers for dreamscape pm me sat-sunday bro
  8. Just time

    I wasn't sure how to go around this topic but here it is, I work 9 hours a day IRL, working with scaffolding When i finish work i'm brain dead, And i cannot be arsed to do anything and i'm that tired i struggle to find new ideas to please the audience When i come home i only have a couple of hours once I've took a crap and showered had my food etc. What i'm getting at is this, I can't make videos once every 2-3 days its impossible not a chance. Thinking of an idea, getting the recording done then to edit it, thumbnails etc etc. It's to much for me, so i'm gonna be uploading once a week that's it. So if that means basically i cannot be a Youtuber for DS I don't care i'll still make content when i fancy it :D @Hc Jessie My apologises for what i said on my status. I was a cunt.
  9. Next video will be Everything that sucks about Battlegrounds.

    1. Hc Jessie

      Hc Jessie

      Not a good thing to do at all. Obviously the new minigame is in beta... #1 not only are you showing off the minigame on your channel and saying whats all bad about it but your downing it and making it where new players that watch your video wont want to try it out... This isnt something that im happy to see.. i would rethink it... or make it unlisted on your channel.

    2. Just time

      Just time

      I could write a story back to you on why it would benefit the devs/server as a whole but then i remembered its my channel.

  10. Just time

    Hello, my name is just time... People call me Just time.
  11. Just time

    Lucky mother......
  12. Just time

    Hey everyone, I was hoping perhaps a few of you could give me some good critism or ideas for the future of my channel im always looking to improve :D Youtube.com/user/dailyservers Thanks in advance.
  13. Nice video my tips would be to crop the client a bit more and zoom into your character if you are going to type
  14. 3 People yet to claim there winnings!

    winners of the 28 Giveaway 

    mnt ( paid )
    tom citizen ( paid )
    hehe thnx
    lord satan

    1. Just time

      Just time

      hehe thnx has been paid.