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  1. As I have recently Started flipping, what are some of your guys' biggest flips ?
  2. Currently this is what I got: Also a necro JR pet What would y'all recommend going for next ?
  3. well welcome back brother, good to see some old faces around
  4. Looking forward to see what u working with
  5. gz on inf aura how did u get your hands on it and whats your gear/rank atm?
  6. cba grinding skill levels lol
  7. To all that have the season pass, what is the best way to grind point that you have found? Personally DC raids due to 1 point per raid and arcade tokens which I buy smb with for .1 point per box. Even though I still find it quite slow
  8. BIG vouch from me ! even if all they did was move you to the raids portal again after you finished a raid, i would be happy
  9. Been wanting to start an iron man for a while just didnt know how to start, with your guide i am definitely starting one now
  10. Your post always got my Vouch. You always got the best ideas
  11. Vouch ! These NPCs have been grinned out so much that the drops from them are not worth much anymore and for a 1k dono we should get a bit more. Such as more NPCs to kill or a reward system like karma and scav to get some higher tier items. Like plat has their customer glaive from their boss maybe we can get something like that. Where the rewards help boost Dr% and or other things like that.
  12. Ok cool thank you , what should I be looking for drops wise from raids and around how many kills Is considered normal for a drop ? ok cool tyvm So just got this 😛
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