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  1. Pumbaa

    Never knew that there was so many random things attached to these updates.... Best Video, Best song... This is awesome! Please keep doing this!
  2. Pumbaa

    That is actually pretty crazy... Even just being a hardcore is hard for me.
  3. Pumbaa

    Sah dude... Nice to meet....
  4. dammmmmm..... I don't know any prices, but it looks like bank was just made.
  5. Pumbaa

    This is a pretty dope camera.... Do you do any film making? 
  6. Pumbaa

    Dam this is a clean guide. Really like how people actually put the pictures instead of links. I am going to find this extremely helpful while maxing my hardcore account.
  7. Pumbaa

    Welcome! Hope you are / going to have a good time on Dreamscape!
  8. Pumbaa

    This is what I have been wanting from Dreamscape for a long time. I hope you develop and make some honestly good changes to the game and make everyone's experience that much better on Dreamscape. Best of luck in coding and I am looking forward to seeing some of the content you will be putting out.
  9. Pumbaa

    being a old player coming back my self, I enjoy seeing this within side the community.    Welcome back!
  10. Pumbaa

    The first pic is extremely clean... But maybe change the bow out and make it a shadow weapon.. maybe even a brutal. But all of them look fantastic.
  11. Pumbaa

    Welcome to dreamscape.....
  12. Pumbaa

    Welcome back
  13. Pumbaa

    Man, I wish I had the balls to do that.
  14. Pumbaa

    Thank you for all the support I guess :P
  15. Pumbaa

    Hello,   my name in-game is Pumbaa, but people in teamspeak may know me as Zach. I played Dreamscape a long time ago and wanted to come back and have some fun. I would like to inform the community that I may begin to upload videos on my progress / things I have been doing.   Have a great day!   -Pumbaa

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