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  1. until

    Im in! Ign: Xx00xx
  2. Think I will be able to participate on this sick event! Sign me in Ign: Xx00xx
  3. Im in this time! No working! Ign: Xx00xx Timezone: GMT+1? (Still bad at timezones, Sweden timezone)
  4. Totally in! Ign: Xx00xx Timezone: GMT+1?? edit: I suck at timezones but timezone sweden!
  5. Jeez nice event! Love that we bringing in the forums in to the event aswell! Good luck everyone and keep the grind up!
  6. Absoluteley in! Ign: Xx00xx
  7. If I still can join? Ign: Xx00xx
  8. Nice! Ign: Xx00xx Timezone: GMT+1
  9. Im in! Ign: Xx00xx Time: GMT+1
  10. Lovely event! I'm in! I don't know yet in wich of the two events I can participate yet. I'll be in touch. Ign: Xx00xx
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