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  1. They Are Currently Switching Host more time will be needed
  2. holy cow, congratulations and thank you for the giveaway!
  3. 1. Updating dead / changed content: Arcade- Outdated reward prices + there was a great beginner guide for the arcade and making money with the arcade previous may not be as relevant but helpful to link in the guide https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/21715-making-consistent-money-from-the-arcade-low-requirements-updated/ while it is not as prevalent anymore, it is a great way to start up a new account and also a side hustle which may be good for beginning players to have some easy cash. For that matter, you may want to add a guide to the Arcade as Bowwow's video was
  4. Ign: HasdfhiasdfH Ayee : D Good Luck Everyone
  5. Ayee Ign: Hasdfhiasdfh Timezone: EST
  6. Damn dude 40k? That's some insane dedication ign: Hasdfhiasdfh Gl everyone
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