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  1. asdfhiasdf1

    Ign: HasdfhiasdfH Ayee : D Good Luck Everyone
  2. asdfhiasdf1

    Ayee Ign: Hasdfhiasdfh Timezone: EST
  3. asdfhiasdf1

    IGN: hasdfhiasdfh EST
  4. asdfhiasdf1

    Mmm, I wish you luck :).
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    Damn dude 40k? That's some insane dedication ign: Hasdfhiasdfh Gl everyone
  6. asdfhiasdf1

    Ign: hasdfhiasdfh Gl everyone
  7. asdfhiasdf1 AYE AYE CAPT'N Goodluck Everyone!!
  8. In-Game Name: HasdfhiasdfH Real Name/Nickname: Nick In-game play time (Picture): Age: 16 Time Zone: UTC-05:00 Boss logs (Picture): (Doesnt include dk's) over 1k kc on that i think Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation? I like to pvm. I think the concept of the loans and paying back is amazing. I'm not the richest pvmer but i could see this helping me, and also newer players as loans go out. Do you Accept the Tos? (What is Rule #6? (Also say Yes or No at the end of your answer)): I Agree to the TOS, There is no rule #6 that i could find.
  9. asdfhiasdf1

    Hi Welcome back. I started back in october of 2015 but im on and off haha.
  10. asdfhiasdf1

    Ya bank is spicy af
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    Hi im Zues.
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    Oh cool!