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    They Are Currently Switching Host more time will be needed
  2. Ign : Hasdfhiasdfh Discord: Asian NIck
  3. aye yo anotha one Ign HasdfhiasdfH Discord: Asian Nick
  4. im in ign: Hasdfhiasdfh discord Asian Nick
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    holy cow, congratulations and thank you for the giveaway!
  6. 1. Updating dead / changed content: Arcade- Outdated reward prices + there was a great beginner guide for the arcade and making money with the arcade previous may not be as relevant but helpful to link in the guide https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/21715-making-consistent-money-from-the-arcade-low-requirements-updated/ while it is not as prevalent anymore, it is a great way to start up a new account and also a side hustle which may be good for beginning players to have some easy cash. For that matter, you may want to add a guide to the Arcade as Bowwow's video was extremely long. All the other minigames are extremely irrelevant and you may consider just deleting them, you might also want to add battlegrounds to this section and explain the game mode in detail. The getting started section is extremely lacking in detail in my opinion. You may want to consider have a major rework on it as starting DS for some players is "scary", for the longest time most of my information that I received was community information and it would be great to see some of it here. However, the information given seems to simple to explain dreamscape especially with the items it has. Generally speaking, the information would be relevant to the early-mid game as it is the hardest to progress. The starter guide recommends to get the Soulflare, but that may seem like a daunting task to many. You may want to add the money making "early game section over here when it is revamped". Simply the methods listed in the section are not efficient and quite slow. You can afford to mention things like killing certain bosses. Mentioning the starter guide was useful but still not helpful when players don't know what to from the open-ended finish. The section would look something like Starting off you should go to ::train you want to farm many crystal keys and open the chest by the bank area ideally, you would want Dragon bone U, Ice Katana, Dream Wing boots, etc. Acquiring 92 prayer is a must. Once you have this gear and stat you should move onto harder bosses like the daggonth kings for some good drops like the epic rings without much effort from then on etc. 2. Gear Section: I personally just dislike how it is formatted, take it how you will but I find it somewhat of an annoyance to use. I would suggest something similar to the actual runescape wiki. Like what raspberrys said above. A more simplistic design like rs3 wiki displays https://runescape.wiki/w/Armour/Melee_armour, but when you click into a set a more detailed information popup occurs instead of the large 1x4 we have currently. 3. Ease of Life: This may be quite difficult as the dreamscape economy as it is always changing but it may help with the price guide and more. Implementing some Javascript to have realtime connection with POS. I believe earlier in DS history or currently, there was a website that directly connected the POS to a website so using that technology on the forums may help. It would also lessen the load on wiki editors who need to constantly edit prices etc. Look something similar to the G.E's wiki on rs3/osrs. Besides that continue adding on more wiki pages for items and thats about it.
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    Ign: HasdfhiasdfH Ayee : D Good Luck Everyone
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    Ayee Ign: Hasdfhiasdfh Timezone: EST
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    IGN: hasdfhiasdfh EST
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    Damn dude 40k? That's some insane dedication ign: Hasdfhiasdfh Gl everyone
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    Ign: hasdfhiasdfh Gl everyone
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    Ign: HasdfhiasdfH Gl Everyone

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