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  1. Flae

    Warms my heart Bob K3. Really appreciate the feedback from you
  2. Flae

    Sick event feeds! I'm wishing the best of luck to all participants! May the most fashionable person win
  3. Yet again another sick staff event sponsored by the one and only Gio. Thanks once again for the generosity.
  4. Packed with lots of sick content. Yet another GREAT update!
  5. Flae

    Thanks for the feedback Bev, means a lot homie K3
  6. Flae

    Hey man, and welcome to Dreamscape! Glad to see you joining us, and i hope you enjoy your stay here with us! You are now a part of the DSGANG! Remember, if you ever have any questions, feel free to pm me ingame
  7. Flae

    Once again another very well written Dreamers Monthly! Great to follow up on all the achievements and such which have been recieved by the DSGANG! Keep up the great work.
  8. Flae

    Insane goals right there Michigan! I wish you the best of luck on achieving them!
  9. Flae

    Some very nice goals you set yourself bud! Will definitely be following this thread to see you achieve your goals.
  10. Flae

    Very interesting. I think this could be fun to have ingame.
  11. Flae

    That's some quality GFX right there. Looks so dope!
  12. Today's update comes with a lot of juicy content! Can you help the Easter Bunny? Will you slay the new raid boss? Or get some of the newly added donator items. Easter is finally here and with that comes the much anticipated Easter event! Biggest one to date! Speak to the Easter Bunny behind ::home bank to start. View the guide here Newly revamped donator store! We listened to you! (Check out ::poll for more polls) Check out the new juicy shop by speaking to Roachey at ::home shops Shop One Shop Two We've upgraded the crystal key chest! New players now have a much better chance at getting some great starter loot from the crystal keys! Introducing the new Quadron Box (+)! Want to make some fat stacks real quick!?! The Quadron Box (+) is for you! Win 10T - 5Q cash instantly! Introducing the M4A4 Asiimov! The new Best in Slot Range Weapon! Boasting HUGE DPS and a CRAZY special attack! Perfect for PvM and Raids! M4A4 Asiimov Best In-slot range weapon (Available from Donation Store) Nightstalker (Custom Donation) Samurai Set Cosmetic set (Available from Donation Point Store - Roachey) Grimpewpew (Custom Donation) Frostbite Staff (uhm... spoilers) The British Gattling Gun (Custom Donation) Easter Bunny top and bottoms To complete with last year's Easter Bunny Mask (Reward from easter event) - We've added magic damage damage to the executive cape so you can 1 hit with mage! - Amulet drops from The Necromancer are now Announced to the server! - Phoenix Bug Fixed (RIP Harold) - Some item glitches have been patched and will no longer show as invisible - We've fixed some typos and spelling mistakes - We've fixed an issue with accounts getting locked
  13. Flae

    Grats on the Soulflare buddy, awesome pull
  14. Flae

    This looks awesome Bevilm. Awesome to know a bit more about you! Will definitely be following this to see you update this with time
  15. Flae

    Welcome man! Looking forward to seeing you around ingame. Also, if you ever need any help, feel free to pm me ingame