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  1. IGN: Blackheartv2 Cool event, Sure will be lots of fun
  2. BlackheartV2

  3. Discord: Savage412#1475 Ingame name: Blackheartv2 (Executive) Timezone: EST Sounds fun why not
  4. BlackheartV2

    I agree and think there should be some sort of buff to our current lamps. +1
  5. BlackheartV2

    Welcome back, glad to see you return
  6. BlackheartV2

    Damn juicy lookin loot along with awesome glaive weapon box! Good luck DsGang
  7. BlackheartV2

    I agree cause the spam is not only annoying, but this also interrupts the screenshot when you do get a drop. The only thing you see is that you've been awarded 1 point. Vouch
  8. Lit update, looks great and a cool way to make money while skilling
  9. BlackheartV2

    a recolored exec cape would look pretty sick as well. I feel like it would give more incentive to buy the tickets for something other than the glaive. I like it
  10. BlackheartV2

  11. BlackheartV2

  12. BlackheartV2

  13. BlackheartV2

  14. BlackheartV2

    wow! sounds dope it would be cool to see the armor and setup ingame
  15. Killer update, Great job Dev team. #2019