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  1. actually pretty clean ngl, great theme
  2. i agree, karaoke was fun back in the day. Was a fun time overall. Would like to see that again
  3. Discord: Savage412#1475 Ingame name: Blackheartv2 (Executive) Timezone: EST Sounds fun why not
  4. Damn juicy lookin loot along with awesome glaive weapon box! Good luck DsGang
  5. I agree cause the spam is not only annoying, but this also interrupts the screenshot when you do get a drop. The only thing you see is that you've been awarded 1 point. Vouch
  6. a recolored exec cape would look pretty sick as well. I feel like it would give more incentive to buy the tickets for something other than the glaive. I like it
  7. wow! sounds dope it would be cool to see the armor and setup ingame
  8. Its been good to see you again cooni. When I see your name all I can see is the tinychats xd
  9. @CylorV is lowkey my dad. Very good staff member and a favorite within the DS community
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