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  1. DrL

    You have to create a support ticket and fill out the format.
  2. DrL


    So many players quit when they get cleaned, like come on, it was your choice to gamble and that's a personal problem. Why give us a one sentence "bye" response because you got cleaned? The whole point of Dreamscape is not gambling, but their is so much more. Maybe try to PvM once in a while instead of gambling and repeating the process like a cycle. Good luck.
  3. DrL

    Can you lower the font? It's hard to read as on a phone only a couple words fit at a time. Also, I would like to see how they help not just "they're very helpful", give us some more detail so we understand.
  4. DrL

    You noob. Get an elemental Pet again. good luck on your finals k3
  5. DrL

    Good luck to all. Well deserved.
  6. DrL

    Love you guys all. I'll make sure to hop on from time to time in game and teamspeak to chat with you guys.
  7. DrL

  8. DrL

    Love you all K3
  9. DrL

    Hey guys, I thought I foresaw this.. I applied to a job recently and I got accepted and I start in two weeks, which means that I will be going to school and right after school I'm going to be going to work, so this screws my whole schedule around of plans and etc.. Therefore, as you probably already know, this is my resignation post. It's been such a wonderful time with you guys on Dreamscape, you have all created a home for me and it's amazing how the community comes together and treats each other like legends. I will be on from time to time, but not as active as I was, I'm going to miss you all because you guys were amazing. When I first got Trusted host then helper, I was absolutely ecstatic and just wanted to build up from there, but stuff changes and I hope you guys understand that I will be back when I have more free time as in Teamspeak and in game, you all will be truly missed K3. #DsGang.
  10. Might have a job today. Wish me luck. :)

  11. DrL

    Damn you are truly lucky! Gratz on the soulflare drops! I know you can get much more at this rate! Good luck!
  12. DrL

    Welcome bud! Glad to see such a professional in his works playing Dreamscape . If you ever need any assistance, you can shoot me a pm, my in game name is "DrL." Once again, welcome to Dreamscape
  13. DrL

    That scythe looks amazing
  14. DrL

    Grats to Zeven aswell as the winners! Great prizes!
  15. DrL

    My dude, always talk with you still no matter what, you one of the realest, you know where to find me on skype, peace out bro.