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  1. red bear147

    Thank you dark and yes. And lol ? englishlog, I love you too❤
  2. red bear147

    Nice video and gratz on loots
  3. red bear147

    lol Thank You. First time doing that bank in a video. i usually do NCS songs
  4. hello could you help me. every time i try opening a client it wont let me. ive put it where it will open with javaw.exe and it will open and close in a sec. do you have any suggestions on how to fix the problem? so that i post this on your wall. i had to because i couldnt pm you on here

  5. red bear147 
  6. red bear147

    Thank y'all. Alot of my videos are going to like this, due to the computer im using.
  7. red bear147