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  1. Username: OstosRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  2. Hello boys and girls! I used to play DS 1-2 years ago consistantly, then lost motivation. Now there's basically a new game out to explore since the developers made so many huge updates, I thought I could use a fresh start. If you used to hang out with me back then, was named "Feastt" be sure to pm my new main acc "Ostos". Happy Grinding!
  3. Account Username: Feastt Rank in Game: Should be extreme donator (atm Super, lost extreme from rollback) Issue with account: Lost basically everything Items / Progress Lost: Extreme donator rank, mystic lvl 3, lucky stars lvl 1, devious set, ak-47 asiimov, avery ring, quantum boots, american boxing gloves, infernal cape, necro jr, aqua spirit shield, space bunny set, prod cape and about 38-40m cash. Estimated Value of lost items: 300m+ or so. Also lost a lot of grand lottery points but I don't remember how many. Any other info: Cleaned my bank like 2 weeks ago from all
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