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  1. suomitank

    If ya meet all the reqs I gotta say vouch I seen this Man gamble More then most of People In ds, hes Super active on dicezone and I gambled vs this Man so Gl on your app
  2. suomitank

    remember to safespot this ( move the boss inside the room) seemed very difficult at first
  3. suomitank

    Should Make the event that staff cant be part of it
  4. suomitank
  5. suomitank
  6. suomitank

  7. farewell fellow dreamers maybe ill log in if i feel like it :) but for now its been my time to go

  8. suomitank

    so i desided to put dreamscape behind me, atm i am in the army so that will affect my gameplay-mood alot and veterans dont get respected here so thats why im swapping games mostly playing world of warcraft but maybe ill see what the future holds for me ill log everynow and then but i dont feel like playing mainly ds so peace out -suomitank
  9. suomitank

    gl all
  10. why forums dead af ? 😮

  11. Mornings, Mornings everywhere

    Todayleft 198 mornings

  12. suomitank

    Sweet to see my name here 🙂 thanks everyone for the love and support and good work staff team also alot of New trusted dicers!
  13. suomitank my entry