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  1. suomitank

    another way to milk money from players i like it!
  2. suomitank

    Christmas Wishlist ing: suomitank 1. winter hween 2. youtuber torva 3. some rng lol 4. pink dildo 5. Cyan PartyHat Happy holidays to all
  3. new vid up / memory of ds gambling 


  4. suomitank

    But what I actually mean is get votepoints cuz rn best u can get is like american pernix, and get something taht would be even worth couple q
  5. Help us get better voting rewards 

  6. suomitank

    What's the current issue? Voting rewardsWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? revamp rewards How will this benefit player/server? Server gets More votes Aka More players, players get better rewards how could this be expanded in future? Make alot better rewards for voting and do it asap What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered)it cant get anyworse then it already is (voting rewards I mean) So staff keeps saying do ::vote and I keep voting but seriously theres nothing unique on the rewards for voting even tho the staff keeps saying so. I would love to see something that is worth the effort. Thanks. -Suomitank
  7. 1. Comment your in game name. suomitank 2. Post your image directly onto the forums, do not post a link to the image. 3. Wish everyone Happy Holidays. Well happy holidays all dreamers
  8. suomitank

    hi honey well u probally saw this one coming but ::donate lmao , and sell the donation :DDd
  9. suomitank

    Last time I actually lvled something was 2015 when server was attacked and they gave x8 exp so I prestiged 7, after that havent
  10. suomitank

    where is the post ? ?
  11. suomitank

    Should Make the event that staff cant be part of it
  12. suomitank
  13. suomitank
  14. suomitank