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  1. ikkain

    dear santa, my list is: 1. eternal khione's staff 2. inga platelegs 3. american torva platebody 4. armadyl helm 5. dubby's favourite if i get that my party will be complete luf u satan. omg i meant santa I MEANT SANTA
  2. ign ikkain https://i.imgur. com/a/ZQzQnez. jpeg somehow i am only allowed to post pictures maximum size of 30kb so that wont work for me 😕 Happy Holidays everybody !!
  3. ikkain

    when you killed 5000 raidens and you finally get a drop and it ends up being 143 orbs of energy.
  4. ikkain

    omg i won!! heck yeah duuuuuuuuuuuuude :DD
  5. hello im ikkain, and i would love to see new prayers for range and mage which would be kinda like turmoil but for the other combat forms. they could be 15% more defence and range/mage attack bonus. it could be added as a drop from a new boss or an existing boss. what would be cool aswell is a quest to unlock the new prayers. i don't know if this would be easy to add but i do know a lot of people would enjoy having new prayers.
  6. ikkain

    Username: IkkainRank In-game: Extreme donatorProof (screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/30vix1y
  7. ikkain

    tomorrow the winners will be drawn! goodluck everybody! i do hope to get second xd
  8. ikkain

    Username: ikkainRank In-game: Super DonatorProof (screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/2dGpICB
  9. ah okay cuz it gave me the message i should reload the client butnow i get it 😄 thanks man
  10. can't log in since the update... just deleted cache still cant log in redownloaded the client still can't log in. please help lol
  11. ikkain

    my moth grind oh yess bröther gimme them lämps