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  1. For revampsWhat's the current issue? the scavenger shop has a very limited amount of items you can buy with some of the not worth buying like the dscoin, emperor souls, world box, golf putter etc.What's your suggested way of fixing it? maybe add some items to the buy window that the sell window has like The power stone or some spirit shields. maybe some other untradeable items.How will this benefit player/server? this would make the scavenger shop a lot better so people will use it a lot more.How could this be expanded in future? in the future maybe even more items could be added.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) the only negative effect i can think of is item prices will rise a lot for a while since a lot of people want the new items but after a while the prices will become stable again so it won't hurt the eco permanently.
  2. ikkain

    you're talking about giving NEW players MID-TIER gear. this sounds like a terrible idea. it takes away the whole idea of grinding which this server is based upon. i agree that starter gear could be updated to fit the idea of a custom server but the way you're suggesting it makes every low tier npc and item useless thus rendering a big part of this server dead zones. right now its a NO VOUCH from me.
  3. ikkain

    ENRAGED HADES Enraged hades is the raids version of hades . While hades has 1 million hp, Enraged hades has a whopping 10 million hp so he is quite a tough raid to kill. You can get to Enraged hades using the raids teleport: Like I mentioned Enraged hades is a very tough raid to do since he has so much hp, that’s why you need end-game gear to kill him. This is the setup that I’m using: Some info on the boss: Enraged hades has 10 million hp. He also has three different one hit stages. I’ll be going over all three of them. But first, the droptable: These are the items Enraged Hades can drop. Now you have to decide if you want to solo Enraged Hades or want to use a team, keep in mind that the more players are in your party the more hp Enraged hades will have. The party leader needs to create a clan which can be done by joining your own clan then your team joins your clan. Then teleport to the raid and when everyone is there the clan leader has to pull the lever to make Enraged Hades spawn. THE KILLING In order to kill Enraged hades you have to survive all three one-hit stages while at the same time drain his hp down to 0. Sounds easy enough. The first 25% of his health is the easiest part, he can hit 90+ so pray soulsplit and just keep hitting him. You don’t have to do anything else now so relax, it’s the calm before the storm. After that the one-hit stages follow each other up: First one-hit phase starts at 75% hp (7.5m hp) Enraged Hades starts screaming either “Rrrrr!” Or “Mmmmm!” When he yells “Rrrrr!” he will hit you with a range attack that hits 100% of your hp unless you’re praying protect from range. When he yells “Mmmmm!” he will hit you with a mage attack that hits 100% of your hp unless you’re praying protect from mage. He won’t stop doing this until the second one-hit phase so keep paying attention The second one-hit phase happens when Enraged Hades hits 50% hp (5m hp) There will be a red circle on the ground where you have to stand in order to survive. Then he will throw a big wave of meteors Sometimes he will keep yelling "Mmmmm!" and "Rrrrr!" for a couple times, keep praying the protections in that case. After that he will throw meteors on your position which you have to dodge or you die instantly so keep moving when you see the meteors spawn. He will continue to throw these meteors until the third one-hit phase starts. The third one-hit phase starts when Enraged Hades hits 25% hp (2.5m hp) First he will throw two big meteor waves so you will have to stand in the safespots which are again two red circles. Then he will cover you in clouds of poison which will one-hit you if you keep standing in them so you have to move. The poison clouds won’t go away until Enraged Hades is dead so you have to be smart about your positioning. You can’t just run around and let the clouds spawn everywhere you will die that way. I suggest that everytime a cloud spawns on you, you move one step until the next cloud spawns then move one step again. This way you utilize every tile in the raid and you can keep killing Enraged Hades without much hassle. I like to make a square: If you survive this all and drained his hp down to 0 you have killed Enraged Hades and you can legally call yourself a cool son of a gun. Good luck in your future grinds. shoutout to "C Mast" for suggesting me to create this guide 😊.
  4. very nice update! looking forward to grind for all the new stuff
  5. For revampsWhat's the current issue? slayer tasks for minibosses are boss specific. like kill 35 mini graardor, kill 40 mini barrelchest. this takes so long to do or it's very click intensive when switching the levels in the miniboss tower. so many people including me just cancel these tasks which costs a lot of points/money.What's your suggested way of fixing it? instead of having specific tasks, make it a mini boss task. so you can choose which minibosses to kill. so no more "kill 35 mini tormented demons" which becomes " kill 35 mini bosses"How will this benefit player/server? this will speed up these tasks immensely and will also make them a little more fun. so it's mostly a QoL update. this way people aren't demotivated to do slayer when getting a miniboss task.How could this be expanded in future? N/AWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) i do not think there are any negative effects on this. it will just make mini boss task a little bit easier and less annoying.
  6. ikkain

    @Rangers thank you!
  7. ikkain

    @Amfisca thanks man thats a great idea ill update the thread asap
  8. ikkain

    @Ace123 Thanks man!
  9. ikkain

    Because many people in game ask how Sire works i decided to make a quick guide to get to Abyssal Sire go to boss teleports and scroll down to the bottom the Sire always drops sire crystals which you can sell for around 150k each. you also have a chance to get the tam/nax/yix amulets, sword of the protectorate and the lambo and bughatti pets. first off you want to bring some super anti poison and some food of your choice with you. the tentacles can hit pretty hard and without anti poison you die very quickly. take the best gear you have with you. bring atleast a good fast hitting weapon. oblivion scythe is the minimun i recommend. the better your gear the easier and faster you can kill the sire. now how to kill it: step 1: drink your super anti poison and hit the Sire once. step2: destroy the 4 respiratory systems step 3: wait for the Sire to step out of her little throne thingy and kill it. there! you did it! good luck on your Sire grind.
  10. ikkain

    that reward does sound very demotivating. this is a VOUCH from me
  11. For revampsWhat's the current issue? right now the achievement shop has some pretty useless stuff in it. you can buy any of the items from other players for almost no cash at all. also the stuff is pretty weak you can get way better gear by playing for an hour. What's your suggested way of fixing it? i think it would be best if the shop is updated with some mid to end game gear / boxes / untradeables How will this benefit player/server? this way the players actually have a good way to spend their achievement points without them getting wasted or gathering dust. How could this be expanded in future? more items could be added/removed in the future. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) i feel like this would not have many negative effects. achievement points are not farmed easily.
  12. ikkain

    IGN: ikkain gl everybody!
  13. ikkain

    knock knock who's there? amos amos who? amos quito ign ikkain
  14. ikkain

    now that I understand you i fully agree with you. maybe it could be reduced to +5 to +10 then? then it would be a little bit better. but i always thought the max cap was prestige 30. also the the +100 would be a bit overpowered with +3000 in every offensive stat XD. thank you for help out bro. appreciate it.

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