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  1. ikkain

    @Rangers thank you!
  2. ikkain

    @Amfisca thanks man thats a great idea ill update the thread asap
  3. ikkain

    @Ace123 Thanks man!
  4. ikkain

    Because many people in game ask how Sire works i decided to make a quick guide to get to Abyssal Sire go to boss teleports and scroll down to the bottom the Sire always drops sire crystals which you can sell for around 150k each. you also have a chance to get the tam/nax/yix amulets, sword of the protectorate and the lambo and bughatti pets. first off you want to bring some super anti poison and some food of your choice with you. the tentacles can hit pretty hard and without anti poison you die very quickly. take the best gear you have with you. bring atleast a good fast hitting weapon. oblivion scythe is the minimun i recommend. the better your gear the easier and faster you can kill the sire. now how to kill it: step 1: drink your super anti poison and hit the Sire once. step2: destroy the 4 respiratory systems step 3: wait for the Sire to step out of her little throne thingy and kill it. there! you did it! good luck on your Sire grind.
  5. ikkain

    that reward does sound very demotivating. this is a VOUCH from me
  6. ikkain

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? slayer tasks for minibosses are boss specific. like kill 35 mini graardor, kill 40 mini barrelchest. this takes so long to do or it's very click intensive when switching the levels in the miniboss tower.What's your suggested way of fixing it? instead of having specific tasks, make it a mini boss task. so you can choose which minibosses to kill. How will this benefit player/server? this will speed up these tasks immensely and will also make them a little more fun. so it's mostly a QoL update.How could this be expanded in future? N/AWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) i do not think there are any negative effects on this. it will just make mini boss task a little bit easier and less annoying.
  7. For revampsWhat's the current issue? right now the achievement shop has some pretty useless stuff in it. you can buy any of the items from other players for almost no cash at all. also the stuff is pretty weak you can get way better gear by playing for an hour. What's your suggested way of fixing it? i think it would be best if the shop is updated with some mid to end game gear / boxes / untradeables How will this benefit player/server? this way the players actually have a good way to spend their achievement points without them getting wasted or gathering dust. How could this be expanded in future? more items could be added/removed in the future. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) i feel like this would not have many negative effects. achievement points are not farmed easily.
  8. ikkain

    IGN: ikkain gl everybody!
  9. ikkain

    knock knock who's there? amos amos who? amos quito ign ikkain
  10. ikkain

    now that I understand you i fully agree with you. maybe it could be reduced to +5 to +10 then? then it would be a little bit better. but i always thought the max cap was prestige 30. also the the +100 would be a bit overpowered with +3000 in every offensive stat XD. thank you for help out bro. appreciate it.
  11. ikkain

    except they wont get a "massive" headstart. they get a few prestige levels and get some more stats. which is fair because they spent the time collecting the lamps. als it is just fun to get prestige levels to reward the time you spend on raids or other ways to collect lamps. but they wont be way too overpowered because it is a slight advantage over newer players. plus if you play long enough i find it fair that you get rewarded for it.
  12. ikkain

    What's the current issue? The current issue is that almost no one does ::prestige. some people do and thenthey see that it was useless because you don't get anything good from it. I have prestiged once and thought it wasn't worthwhile at all. What's your suggested way of fixing it? my suggestion is that we give some stats to ::prestige. not much maybe +50 to +100 in attack and defence bonus per prestige. and maybe every 5 to 10 prestiges even range melee or mage strength bonus. also the prestige shop could be updated to give some nice cosmetic items that show off your prestige level. How will this benefit player/server? this will benefit the people greatly because they get rewarded for prestiging and it will add a fun little grind to the game.How could this be expanded in future? this could be expanded by adding more items to the prestige shop and a new score board for the top 10 people who have prestiged the most. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I don't think there are any negative side effects to this because you get rewarded more damage and defence the more you prestige so it's pretty balanced in my opinion. if any of you have suggestions/improvements on this please leave them in the comments
  13. ikkain

    ign ikkain i made this on my shitty school laptop with paint without a mouse so it is a masterpiecexd
  14. ign ikkain im the ice king for i am ice cold. https://imgur. com/a/bHfYWEw. jpg
  15. ikkain

    dear santa, my list is: 1. eternal khione's staff 2. inga platelegs 3. american torva platebody 4. armadyl helm 5. dubby's favourite if i get that my party will be complete luf u satan. omg i meant santa I MEANT SANTA