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  1. Guru

    A good place to farm exp lamps but don’t think it needs a lot of floors, maybe just make a customized zone instead for them. //neutral//
  2. Guru

    Definitely 4, chill mood Also 5, sleepy mood :)))
  3. Guru

    I think so, yes. 1. Depends on what mood I am :))) 2. I don’t have an idol
  4. Guru

    1. Neverr! 2. Hehe it’s the spoiler code. 3. Anything with chicken. 4. UPZTECLE! 2,147,483,647B Soon, my son! Not sure, why are you one? :P Every thursday/tuesday.
  5. Guru

    If that doesn’t work, please submit a ticket here.
  6. I might as well just join the train. Feel free to ask me any questions! Please organize your questions by numbers! Lets hope I’m a part of the cool kids now!
  7. Guru

    This isn’t gonna fix most of it. There’s still going to be players who make an issue of just one vote book or auth code. I say we fix Moparscape once for all to get this issue resolved.
  8. Guru

    Obviously a bug which is okay, just submit a ticket reporting the bug, you’ll be refunded hopefully. That’s all what can be done at this moment.
  9. Guru

    Vouch vouch, should be fixed :’) //vouch//
  10. Guru

    No no u.
  11. Guru

    This is not a serious suggestion, it’s more on the fun-side kind of suggestions. Would be nice to have an actual jail instead of the OSRS starter zone.
  12. Guru

    Like they said, allow the .jar or the destination of the file through the settings. If that doesn’t work then disable it, use a different download and enable again.
  13. Oof congrats, juicy prizes