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  1. Dear staff, I have got recently banned. That also means mij exeuctive account is gone for now, due to some recent activities through my Paypal account and payments I have made this has happend. I admit that it was stupid to do this, but I still like this server alot and I hope I Will be able to be a supporter all over again. So my request is to get unbanned and get my account back of which I paid for, any further information about this question is with stuart and Maybe drax. Could either one of you please contact me through this way since I cannot connect anymore to the client or discord. I have cancelled the question on Paypal. That is the last thing that I would like to add Kind Regards, Bakermat
  2. Hey guys, So I decided yesterday to get myself the new executive cape and have some fun with the Magegray/Necromancer bosses, just started grinding them since yesterday. Loot so far: Necromancers [Killcount 10k] Magegrays [Killcount 15k]
  3. Bakermat

    Username: BakermatRank In-game: Sponsor/ExecutiveProof (screenshot):
  4. Bakermat

      Thanks alot and yes I am using Phoenix pet + row (i) so max drop chances :D!
  5. Bakermat

      Using Phoenix pet + Row (I) if so I hope I be more Lucky lol.
  6. Bakermat

    Well hello everyone,     To start off my first topic, I am bakermat kinda new to this private server. Today I decided to donate for an ownerscape and since I've got this awesome item, that means lets start chopping those shadow kings!   I will upload my drop logs as soon as I get them (currently going for 15k):   Drops so far (just past 5k Killcount): Also had Shadow wings drop at 3512th kill forgot to screeny