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  1. Maxthecat6

    ign: Maxthecat6
  2. Maxthecat6

    In-game name: Maxthecat6 Discord name: Maxthecat6 I want in
  3. Maxthecat6

    In-Game Name: Maxthecat6 Number (1-10000): 3079 My favorite part of DS is.. (Write about 2 sentence) Dicing is one of my favorite parts along with the very afk pvming.
  4. Maxthecat6

    https://gyazo.com/55cf54ce2b791010c59f4cf2bac0f1d4   Pro Collections       Edit: updated colletions   https://gyazo.com/4b5356d35e5cddf3164b2d525ea89164.     I've obtained I think all of the phats by myself. (I may have gotten a very few months ago from another player, but I don't think I did)

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