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  1. All Might

    631 oh boi, this gonna take some time
  2. I support this, market is already flooded with stuff from executive and plat zone. This will help balance the market of abundances.
  3. All Might

    Good times.
  4. All Might

  5. All Might

    Interesting, were definitely in need of more events. Thank you!
  6. All Might

    We honestly don't need any more ranged or mage items at this time... sorry but i don't approve. Bring more melee!
  7. All Might

    Bring melee back into the light! Update some melee weapons or add more melee support please!
  8. dang, thought id see some melee changes :[
  9. All Might

    What is the content called - Raid points system. How does it work? - Completing raids accumulates "Raid points" that can be used to redeem rewards. What rewards does it give? - The rewards can be new exclusive items or existing items in game (Pvm gear, cosmetics, boxes or pets) How will it benefit server/players? - It'll give PVMers a new incentive for all the time that is put into raiding with no reward. How could it be expanded in the future? - Adding more redeemable rewards and adding a double raid point day of the week. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) - Always thinking positive for the server, but if i have to answer this i suppose if we were to put existing items into the Raid rewards shop; not properly pricing them could lower their prices.
  10. Quests - 5 New Skills - 10 New bosses - 1 New Raids - 1 New minigames - 5 New beginner content - 5 New beginner gear and weapons - 5 New end game gear and weapons - 10 Revamping old content - 1 Donator Content - 5
  11. All Might

    Update on the idea, we could just add the Soulsplit effect to it instead of a special attack.
  12. All Might

    IGN: All Might Rank: Extreme 1. Rework entire extreme zone. (New area, new npcs, new redeemables) 2. Active rewards system. ( Rewards for those who actually play) 3. Consecutive login system. (A system for those that login consecutively)
  13. All Might

    I feel maybe it should be a considerable amount, llike the Eternal Khiones Staff boosters of 10%DR and 10%DDR more or less. Or maybe instead of DDR we give it Luck but it absolutely must have DR. By tweaking this part perhaps it can boost the popularity of the weapon which can also help keep its value.
  14. All Might

    Hello dreamers, first of all i'm going to say how much i love the Scythe Of Vitur. Its an amazing weapon and kudos to whoever came up with it but today i'm here to suggest buffing the weapon in 1 or 2 parts to help balance the combat system a bit more. Part 1 - Give the weapon a drop bonus boost, it would make a lot of sense to add some bonuses to this weapon since the melee department lacks weapons that give these types of bonuses. Part 2- Give the weapon a special attack. I have an idea to give it 4 specs that heal the user for a certain amount, this allows for more interaction with the game as well as boosting the reputation of the weapon itself. Thats about it, thank you for reading, Catch me in Dreamscape, All Might
  15. All Might

    Never said a system limits what item you can giveaway, I said theres a rule that limits what can be given away, and although its not in the ::rules its actually a real thing; i believe the limit is about 1m? I'm surprised you didnt know about that, but yea its a thing that you can confirm yourself. And i'm just answering relevant things sorry mate, i'm pretty decent at reading lol
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