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  1. amazing, gj! looking forward to using the scythe and buffed armors! #meleegod
  2. All Might

    haxors everywhere,... they tried to get me too!
  3. All Might

    Welcome to the realm of Dreamscape, enjoy your stay.
  4. All Might

    been on and off since 2016, always been a fan and always will.
  5. Hmmm that 8k STR bonus callin my name 👀💪
  6. All Might

    I actually enjoyed when people put up them blackjack tables lol good times. Lets do it!
  7. All Might

    I play league of legends and overwatch so often.
  8. until

    I'm extreme rank, will I actually love this event? ill follow along tho. gl to those higher ranked players
  9. All Might

    Hmm interesting.
  10. I support this, market is already flooded with stuff from executive and plat zone. This will help balance the market of abundances.
  11. All Might

    Good times.
  12. All Might

    Interesting, were definitely in need of more events. Thank you!
  13. All Might

    We honestly don't need any more ranged or mage items at this time... sorry but i don't approve. Bring more melee!
  14. All Might

    Bring melee back into the light! Update some melee weapons or add more melee support please!

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