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  1. Mikesimo

    Welcome back, as [Member=Bench press] Said if there's anything you need feel free to pm one of the staff members, we'll show you the ropes again :)
  2. Mikesimo

    dam very nice, so jealous.
  3. Mikesimo

    Welcome back, good luck on your endeavours
  4. Mikesimo

    Well i did not expect this, thanks for whoever voted for me means the world, i love you all
  5. Mikesimo

    Very nice drop dude, congratulations
  6. Mikesimo

    Welcome mate, ever need anything feel free to pm me in game, its the same as the forums, enjoy your stay mate.
  7. Mikesimo

    Nice man congratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Mikesimo

    LMFAO let's have a jiggy!
  9. Mikesimo

    Welcome back man, i know what its like when IRL takes over, glad its sorted now and cant wait to see some amazing content from you :)
  10. Mikesimo

    Congratulations once again man, well deserved.
  11. Mikesimo

    As you can see from my reaction ingame, i knew you was only a couple kills in as you asked in help CC how to get there...The RNG gods were on your side bro, very nice.
  12. Mikesimo

    Exactly this
  13. Mikesimo

    Welcome to dream scape, i look forward to seeing great content from you
  14. Mikesimo

    Wow cooly!! leaving me already, Love you man can't wait to see you back <3 pm me your snapchat noob
  15. Mikesimo

    She was just jealous she had no ice cream guys ;)

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