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  1. Sucks to see you leave so soon, I'll Miss you mate and Have a great Time mate! Hope we can stay in touch
  2. Congratz to all the Winners! Thanks For hosting this tourny!!
  3. Congrats To All the winners! Thanks  Ajackman for hosting this event! 
  4. We will miss you mate! Good bye  byGekoz. You are an amazing GFX Designer!
  5. Good luck to everyone who entered! A special thanks to  Chuck for hosting this amazing event.
  6. This is a great Idea! Thanks for hosting This amazing event  Qantas
  7. Jaffle


    Hey Brandt! Welcome to Dreamscape! Hope to see you around on the server
  8. Congrats To Ajackman on playing DS for 2 Years!   Good Luck To All Players and Thanks  Ajackman   For Hosting!
  9. Knock Knock Who's There ? Justin Justin Who ? You're justin time to wipe my ass           IGN : Jaffle
  10. Sweet Mate!! Can't wait for this Update!! Looks Great Looking Forward to it!    Keep Up The Great Work... Developers!   K3
  11. This is awesome Event, but this is very impossible to get 1k...
  12. This Forum theme is looking mad nice!! Can not wait until the theme for Christmas, Or Thanksgiving!!
  13. Congratz to everyone who won!! Keep up the great work! K3
  14. This is amazing!! Thanks Staff!!!      Keep Up The Great Work!
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