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  1. Empti

    Honestly second guessed myself when i saw that drop lol.. called it then i got one? What are the chances of that lol
  2. so glad to see an event where the server can work together for a common goal :D
  3. Empti

    Eagle pet sucks
  4. Empti

    I vouch for both. Currently mystic trees arent as popular as when they first launched but i still see a consistent 6-7 people there at any given times, which ends up to a lot of people just running around for any tree that is up. However, with the change to how nests are dropped (from per log instead of per tree) people will not have the need to tell people that they should just stay to a few trees this would in turn remove the need to add them to donator areas, etc. I like the first suggestion especially because given how rare the pet is i think having the addition of allowing it to pick up / bank nests for you would make it a more sought after pet especially if it can be applied to both normal nests and eagle nests.
  5. Sometimes if you click on the ::raidhub portal and click on the raid too quick it causes the teleport interface to get stuck there till you finish the raid
  6. With the introduction of world bosses it would be nice to see a command that would give us a status update so in case we miss the initial message we can still see if the boss is still available to kill, where it is, etc. maybe the command can be ::wb or ::worldboss.
  7. I feel like we should implement some sort of skilling based event/mingame. While I understand most players PvM its sad to see that all the other skills are neglected and left as dead content with no other use other than leveling them up for prestige. Maybe we can do something like BG but for skilling where you have to open chests and and get materials and each skilling action gets you some points. Maybe it could be possible to do like a team based thing where you can team up and try to beat other teams. While this suggestion is probably difficult to implement it'd be nice to see skilling based content.
  8. NAME/IN-GAME NAME: Empti AGE: 24 TIME PLAYED IN GAME: 90:9:30 HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF BENEFITING #BOBSPLAN: I like to pvm ROUGH BANK ESTIMATE: 30q DO YOU SEE YOURSELF FITTING IN WITH THE MOST EXECUTIVE CLAN MOVEMENT ON DREAMSCAPE?: i like to help new players and pvm a lot so i have tons of stuff i can give to giveaway to new players/members
  9. Hopefully you have a smooth sailing with this start. I know a lot of players complain about having a hard time upgrading gear so it will be interesting to see how true that is.
  10. Empti

    It seems that after around 3500 range attack bonus anymore seems to have a negative effect on accuracy and damage. Does anyone seem to see that too? I have epic archers, am gloves, gmg, fury or, am pernix, ele boots which boosts my range bonus to over 4k but i seem to get out hit by people with red boxing, no epic archers
  11. Empti

    Thanks for the answers. I thought i would've had to be 150 to be able to use it.
  12. Empti

    When i try to use it, it says i don't have the required level. What level do i need for it to be usable?