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  1. Empti

    can we also add before it triggers the event that our character ::yell REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm triggered! that would funny :D
  2. Empti

    I vouch for both. Currently mystic trees arent as popular as when they first launched but i still see a consistent 6-7 people there at any given times, which ends up to a lot of people just running around for any tree that is up. However, with the change to how nests are dropped (from per log instead of per tree) people will not have the need to tell people that they should just stay to a few trees this would in turn remove the need to add them to donator areas, etc. I like the first suggestion especially because given how rare the pet is i think having the addition of allowing it to pick up / bank nests for you would make it a more sought after pet especially if it can be applied to both normal nests and eagle nests.
  3. Empti

    ples gib outfit
  4. Empti

  5. Empti

    Can we expand this idea to revamping super donator zone as well? If not, I still vouch for this
  6. I have updated and flushed out my thread a little more to give a little more information as to what I am looking for if the system is implemented. Please give me some criticisms and help me make it a better idea if you see flaws. THANK YOU
  7. Empti

    Username: EmptiRank In-game: ExtremeProof (screenshot):
  8. My Original idea was to introduce a new raid only slayer master, however given the replies I see it won't be a good idea and should be sidelined until more raids are introduced. However, I would like to elaborate on one part of my suggestion and hopefully have it chosen to be implemented into the game. That part is the Player assignable task amounts: A similar system is already implemented on OSRS for boss tasks: However, I think we should have a tweak to make it more custom to DS: The implementation can be to the entire current slayer system or to just our elite level tasks. However, if this system were to be implemented, the amount of slayer points given will also have to redone as if the system were to be just added as is, most endgame geared players will just do tasks at low amounts to speeds through the tasks for quick points thereby disregarding the system all together. Nevertheless, the values can be in the range of 25 - 250 for the amount for the task, and can be lower or higher depending on the team's discretion. My idea for reworks to the slayer points system if this system of player assignable task amounts is implemented: There should be an incentive to be willing to do the higher task amounts and a deterrent to players from continuously doing lower amounts for the task. Currently I believe the system for slayer points is based on 30 points (or 50 at 26+ streak) which is around .6 points per the max assignable kill count for a task (which I believe is 50). This point system can be continued to where points gained after task will be calculated as follows Points after task = (.6*(Assigned Task KC)) + streak bonus. With this system, players looking to do longer length tasks (100+) will net more slayer points in the long run and players who are just slaying to beat the boredom of just standing around will get less points as they spam through tasks. The multiplier (.6) can change to accommodate a better system at the team's discretion. Bonus points tweak The current system is capped in a way where players can at max get 20 additional points per task after doing 26 tasks in a row. There is nothing wrong with this at all, and I quite like the system, but I think there should be an incentive to maintaining a high streak, as currently the only deterrent from constantly resetting tasks is the the amount it costs to reset the task and the lost of your streak. I believe a system similar to OSRS should be added but not at the same increments. I think we should add, in addition to the current system as an incentive to maintaining a high task streak, is for every 150 tasks that a player completes in a row (150, 300, etc) they get X amounts of points extra ontop of the points they receive for completing the task + bonus points. the X value can be anything ranging from 20-100 or higher/lower, that will be up to the staff team to decide. This incentivizes players to continue to do slayer as they will continue to get more points in the long run instead of just doing enough slayer to get the capes they want and/or the pet and be done with slayer entirely. Sorry it is so wordy. There really isnt many pictures I can put in to explain my suggestion; nevertheless, I hope this explains my idea a little better than the little lines I threw together at the bottom. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Original Idea (possibly sidelined until we get more raids):
  9. I have edited my post to explain some of my ideas. Tell me what you think and how I should improve on it. Thanks
  10. As of now the only way of getting loyalty points is being online and active at a rate of 12 per 10 minutes(?). While I understand that loyalty points are suppose to be a reward for being active on the server, i believe that adding additional methods to obtain loyalty points would allow for older unused content to be played for additional loyalty points. Currently there are unused minigames or only used during events, I am suggesting that we have daily (or weekly) events that allow us to get loyalty points in addition to the points for being active. For minigames, we could do an event where after completing X amount of games, you will receive a bonus of loyalty points on top of the minigame rewards. For a serverwide event, maybe we can have skilling event, where after you complete X amount of actions, you get some loyalty points this would help some of the other skills that don't make any money get love instead of leaving them as dead content. Currently trivia rewards achievement points, which the achievement shop the only has one really useful item and that would be the invictus box. I suggest that some loyalty points is rewarded after 4 or 5 questions answered correctly to rewards players that have knowledge about the server. As willy suggested, maybe staff can add a method to connect our activity on forums and on discord to gain some extra loyalty points. It seems this one might be popular with people who are more active in forums and discord rather than in game. There really isn't a limit to where this bonus loyalty points can be applied. It just really up to what Cjay and the dev team is capable of in terms of getting the code to work.
  11. I think there should be a system similar to RS3 where we can reroll the rewards for like the 3rd or 4th scroll that we have done. The reason for the suggestion is that most people don't want to do the lower tier clues and are only going for dream clues to roll the good rewards. I feel that having a system like this allows for some sort of reward for doing all the clues they receive, rather than being forced to do the lower teir clues because they have too to get a new one. I don't know how possible this is, but given what Cjay and the team has been able to achieve with current additions to the game I wouldn't be surprised if they were able to make this a reality.
  12. Empti

    Gonna have to agree with 7deadlysins on this one. The more we change the game to cater to newer players the more we ruin their experience. As of late, I have seen so many new players begging, and asking for events to be hosted so they can get money. Though there is nothing wrong with asking for an event, expecting one so that you can improve your account is by far the worse thing you can do to ruin your experience of the server. Newer players have gotten use to all these events that they no longer want to grind for the upgrades themselves, instead they expect a staff to host a event with a high payout to upgrade their gear. We need to start to move away from this type of dependence and move to a way for the newer players to learn that they need to grind for their upgrades not beg for it.
  13. Sometimes if you click on the ::raidhub portal and click on the raid too quick it causes the teleport interface to get stuck there till you finish the raid
  14. With the introduction of world bosses it would be nice to see a command that would give us a status update so in case we miss the initial message we can still see if the boss is still available to kill, where it is, etc. maybe the command can be ::wb or ::worldboss.