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    YouTube and the media side of DS! I absolutly love this game and have a deep pasion for it. I strive to do things differently to give back to those who deserve it. <3

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  1. DylanRSPS

    Not a bad suggestion man
  2. DylanRSPS

    CURRENT GFX DESIGNERS! @MonoBeast UPCOMING DESIGNERS! @Reeves @HcMylly @Gfx Stock A warm welcome to our Current/upcoming GFX DESIGNERS! This list will be updated on the event of a promotion/demotion! DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?! if so CHECK OUT THIS THREAD! - If you have any questions or want to know more about the Graphics Designer rank in DreamScape, feel free to pm any of our Graphics Designers or myself personally. DylanRSPS
  3. DylanRSPS

    Good luck everyone
  4. DylanRSPS

    these GFX look amazing @Gfx Stock I will contact you on this matter
  5. DylanRSPS

    Happy to have you back @Zaro you are a good man hopefully we can see some possibly video's from you 😜
  6. DylanRSPS

    Happy to have you back!!
  7. DylanRSPS

    thank you for the kind words
  8. DylanRSPS

    same I love seeing this!
  9. DylanRSPS

    Damn thats crazyy nice guys!
  10. DylanRSPS

    gz on the win irsh
  11. DylanRSPS

    Awesome!!! Welcome to the #DSGANG my friend hope you enjoy your stay