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  1. Not Optimal

    they only say that after they try to crash you, makes me laugh every time
  2. Not Optimal

    Thanks for hosting this event and good luck to everyone participating in it!!
  3. Not Optimal

    Congrats to the winners and THANKS for hosting the event :)
  4. Not Optimal

    nice collection good luck with getting it complete in the future,  Lots of juicy items in there
  5. Not Optimal

    Not optimal, with the lucky number 42 which has won me over 100t in lotterys :)
  6. Not Optimal

    thats a neat cash stack, congrats on those goals.
  7. Not Optimal

    what are the prices on the santa, boxes. cash tho?(how many points each)  shop looks nice
  8. Not Optimal

    yes thats normal
  9. Not Optimal

    what did it alch for tho?  you can't leave these important things out the post man...
  10. Not Optimal

    Very nice.  Too bad i've killed 5300 without getting a single one

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