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  1. mg new mg 2.0

    Gz to the winners!!
  2. mg new mg 2.0

    Take care man! DS will be waiting for your return!
  3. mg new mg 2.0

    Nice work boys. I always loved dreamers monthly. Cant wait what you'll make out of it! Keep up the good work!
  4. Nice update!!, Everything is top notch again. im really excited to get my hands one of them new weapons :).
  5. All events were great again this week! Thank you so much for tkaing ur time to host these !!
  6. until

    ya yeet gl all
  7. until

  8. All events were great! I hope the next few will be just as good or even better!! GL all
  9. mg new mg 2.0

    Most kind @Bodhi ? There must have been some kind of mix up there. It just is not possible
  10. until

    YAY I can join this week!! Cant wait for the event always much fun. Win or Lose doesnt matter #DSGANG
  11. mg new mg 2.0

    My favorite custom set is the green set of HcB0wer! It looks so good
  12. Looking forward to all the events again nala!! It always fun being with loads of people in the discord just goofing around.
  13. All the events hosted were great!! Thank you Nala for hosting them. I hope todays event will be just as good.
  14. mg new mg 2.0

    Amazing update once again. Im gonna rake in those raid points

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