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    Lately I haven't been motivated to play the game as much as I used to. This is my farewell and appreciation post to my fellow dreamers. Mainly the reason is the lack of drive this game consists. (Warning Criticism below) The game lacks in my opinion. The gap between early game to mid game and from mid game to late game seems impossible. This game relys on donations and huge luck to be able to progress ( I know maintaining a server is very costly) however those free to play players burn out really easily. I know the server isn't supposed to be spoon feeding you everything but there needs to be a variety of tier graded bosses that you should be killing early game to late game. The typical ice katana player farming shadow king for hours isn't really "fun" in my opinion. Now you all may be like Ice katana is something though; Ice katana is indeed a good starting weapon but since I've joined in 2014 the item has gone to complete garbage. It doesn't deal enough damage and it takes way too long to kill one npc. Progression is a real grind in the game and it is quite hard to get yourself to a sustainable amount with a real grind, donations or help from others. The grind never stops in this game and eventually people like myself burn out. I'm tired of killing the same npc thousands of times over again, realizing that most of that time spent is wasted. Currently in the game the difference between an ice katana to a golden ak then to a soulflare is huge. Without luck you'd have to rely on selling boss souls or keys that aren't worth anything at that stage of the game. Another problem is the only way of making a sustainable amount of money would be botting thieving which isn't really ideal. You're not getting the most out of the game by botting. Props to arcade tho, the arcade was a great feature that was added as it provided a sustainable way of getting money. I know people may disagree with my thoughts but currently the stage of the game seems to be not worth it to grind. If my words fluster you then heres an example. You kill 10000 Magegrays get nothing, use the souls on keys for chests and get nothing from that. The time used to kill those 10000 mage grays has just been wasted as you gained practically no money from it at all. This is all opinion base, you may disagree with me Lately all I've been doing is merching and hoarding the market because that's all to it. The rich get richer. Tl;dr At my point of the game, I've been done with farming because I feel like it's extremely hard to progress if you don't get drops. The rich get richer and the gap between the poor achieving to a sustainable area that is efficient is huge. Thank you to those who I have crossed paths in game, it was a pleasure meeting you all. I know I might not be known around but anyways. I'll be cruising the discord and forums once in a while and maybe we'll cross paths once again. Signing off, Oola.
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    Nice to meet you. Good luck and keep up the vids.
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  5. In addition to boxing gloves, I suggest a specific item that would give a reason why players would play this minigame. For example Arcade has Link set, kunckles pet. Battlegrounds has Capt America shield Thor's hammer, rogue set etc. For my suggestion it would be 1x Pet for each side giving a stat, example lets say this pet is able to perhaps fit the role of the collectors necklace and pick up items for you and store to your bank. Or perhaps it can involve something to do with the double drop or drop rate. My pet in mind would be blue side : Stitch, For red would be Lilo. For the set of Armour maybe the black panther suit where the special effect could deflect damage (maybe aoe to benefit arcade). I know that set might not sound as good but with decent stats and perhaps giving it drop rate or double drop would make it a really good set to have. For a weapon perhaps thanos's infinity gauntlet where each attack could be different or there are different attack modes (something like how the kbd has different attacks) Many like myself love the cosmetics in this game and would love to see something like this added. Many of us are marvel fans and this would attract lots of attention to castle wars.
  6. I'd suggest hide and seek! I'll make a banner for this during the weekend.
  7. I'm very skilled in GFX aswell, i'll gladly put some work as well.
  8. NAME/IN-GAME NAME: Oola/Kevin AGE: 18 TIME PLAYED IN GAME: 6:13:34 on main 1:1:21 on hc HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF BENEFITING #BOBSPLAN: To meet new friends and to create a funner playable space. Playing with friends is crucial so you don't burn out. PS I was always a supporter ROUGH BANK ESTIMATE: 20Q DO YOU SEE YOURSELF FITTING IN WITH THE MOST EXECUTIVE CLAN MOVEMENT ON DREAMSCAPE?: I do, I find it fun with the banter and would enjoy taking things to the next step.
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    Username: OolaRank In-game: Super Donator Proof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/c6d731afa5ecfef1c852becfd31166f8
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    Goodluck to everyone that made it!