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  2. Played since the start of the game, I remember quite a bit of names. Similar to @Blueoptic Biggest thing I remember was a dupe group coming in and duping what was most worth at the time (24k torva)
  3. Oola

    hopefully i'll be able to participate for once! Good luck all
  4. Quests 5 New Skills 3 New bosses 1 New Raids 2 New minigames 2 New beginner content 4 New beginner gear and weapons 5 New end game gear and weapons 1 Revamping old content 1 Donator Content 5
  5. Oola

    vouch!! big +1, with the new economy change this will help things out too especially with a few end game gears being untradeable.
  6. Oola

    Thank you for this, props to your dedication in this guide and putting lots of time into it.
  7. Oola

    Sorry for the late response - this took me approx a year of just idle merching regularly checking every few days. I started off with merching miniguns to higher end items. - Key at the moment is to look for items with high demand! Also shout out to @HC Canada this journey is still going on. I have now acquired a lava minigun!
  8. Through a long process of over a year of just daily merching, I have finally achieved my own glaive from practically nothing. This is to show that anything is possible in Dreamscape through determination and dedication. If you keep going at things, good things will happen.
  9. IGN Oola In my 3 accounts my ranks are Donator, Extreme Donator & Sponsor Donator & Super Donator - As being these two ranks for years I have known that these areas have not been updated at all: 1. Add an area for regular Donators to farm with the most basic npcs - shadow king, sea troll. ( Basic donator zone) and 1b. For Super Donator Zone, update with more npcs (mini bosses out of meta) and an updated shop. 2. Donator and Super Donator Zone revamp - Add a new area make it seem like more effort has been used into rewarding donator and super donator ranks. Again these places are extremely outdated and for a server this big, the old donator zones need a little spice. 3. A donator accessible npc - another reason to donate for a rank. Sponsor Rank: 1. Cosmetics for all donator ranks - This won't hurt the economy its more of fashionscape perhaps have a ring similar to the youtube and staff ones or a flag or a cape? 2. Create your own donator zone (Sponsor or Executive)- Like an instance, be able to modify your own donator zone. It's similar to an idea like clash of clans where you are able to make your own base or the construction skill. This allows you to choose the background of your map, where NPCs spawn Another idea to this would be to have a customized construction skill - where you could potentially create your own crib. 3. Personal POS pet - simple idea have your own little buddy following you where you could access the market.
  10. Oola

    Lately I haven't been motivated to play the game as much as I used to. This is my farewell and appreciation post to my fellow dreamers. Mainly the reason is the lack of drive this game consists. (Warning Criticism below) The game lacks in my opinion. The gap between early game to mid game and from mid game to late game seems impossible. This game relys on donations and huge luck to be able to progress ( I know maintaining a server is very costly) however those free to play players burn out really easily. I know the server isn't supposed to be spoon feeding you everything but there needs to be a variety of tier graded bosses that you should be killing early game to late game. The typical ice katana player farming shadow king for hours isn't really "fun" in my opinion. Now you all may be like Ice katana is something though; Ice katana is indeed a good starting weapon but since I've joined in 2014 the item has gone to complete garbage. It doesn't deal enough damage and it takes way too long to kill one npc. Progression is a real grind in the game and it is quite hard to get yourself to a sustainable amount with a real grind, donations or help from others. The grind never stops in this game and eventually people like myself burn out. I'm tired of killing the same npc thousands of times over again, realizing that most of that time spent is wasted. Currently in the game the difference between an ice katana to a golden ak then to a soulflare is huge. Without luck you'd have to rely on selling boss souls or keys that aren't worth anything at that stage of the game. Another problem is the only way of making a sustainable amount of money would be botting thieving which isn't really ideal. You're not getting the most out of the game by botting. Props to arcade tho, the arcade was a great feature that was added as it provided a sustainable way of getting money. I know people may disagree with my thoughts but currently the stage of the game seems to be not worth it to grind. If my words fluster you then heres an example. You kill 10000 Magegrays get nothing, use the souls on keys for chests and get nothing from that. The time used to kill those 10000 mage grays has just been wasted as you gained practically no money from it at all. This is all opinion base, you may disagree with me Lately all I've been doing is merching and hoarding the market because that's all to it. The rich get richer. Tl;dr At my point of the game, I've been done with farming because I feel like it's extremely hard to progress if you don't get drops. The rich get richer and the gap between the poor achieving to a sustainable area that is efficient is huge. Thank you to those who I have crossed paths in game, it was a pleasure meeting you all. I know I might not be known around but anyways. I'll be cruising the discord and forums once in a while and maybe we'll cross paths once again. Signing off, Oola.
  11. Oola

    Nice to meet you. Good luck and keep up the vids.
  12. Oola

  13. Oola

    Goodluck to everyone that made it!

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