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  1. Dicing Man

    Hi, I am Dicing Man and am rejoining after two years. I am actually trying to recover my account at the moment so if you would like to talk I am playing on "Drink Coffee". I quit two years ago mainly because I had problems accessing DS on my school network(lived in college dorms). Anyway here I am, two years later after transferring schools and am interested in playing again. So, I am here and trying to relearn the game. Thanks, Tj
  2. Dicing Man

    This is sad, but 20 years from now what you did in college will matter so good choice and good luck man!
  3. Dicing Man

    Awesome new background, makes the client look more modern which is good in 2016.   Awesome boss also.
  4. Dicing Man

    I like total replant, it makes it so the game can turn randomly in a instant, keeping it interesting.
  5. Had my owner cape for over 48 hours now. Played just under 14 hours during that time. Made about 30T(6.7T Cash, Full Wolverine, 6 Flame pieces and two shadow cleavers). It's been a fun weekend. Now time to go back to work.

    1. Korin


      That's pretty good man! x