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  1. Hardcore Blu

    Been playing on and off since January 2015 😛
  2. Hardcore Blu

    I would love to see this in-game. Gives players another choice of game mode. Support!!
  3. Hardcore Blu

    Yeah they know about this. I found this out right after the last update came out but it won't be fixed till the next update is out that's why I suggested they should add the kc to skotizo before next update also which is also coming out this week I believe.
  4. Hardcore Blu

    What's the current issue? No KC for SkotizoWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? Add kill count after killing itHow will this benefit player/server? Keep track of killsHow could this be expanded in future? N/AWhat negative effect could this have? N/A
  5. Hardcore Blu

    Congratulations Everyone!! Well Deserved!
  6. Hardcore Blu

    Username: Hardcore BluRank In-game: Executive RankProof (screenshot):
  7. Hardcore Blu

    wow I actually got nominated for something... Pog!
  8. Hardcore Blu

    Great events this weekend! Was a blast!
  9. Hardcore Blu

    Ooo I like this. Teleing back and clicking altar and getting the msg in chat that you can't do this when teleporting is kinda annoying 😛
  10. Hardcore Blu

    What's the current issue? Keys are way too rare for the reward you get out of them. I've just done 110 kills and I have received only 1 key. Yeah maybe I just got really unlucky but I've talked to other players and they too agree that the keys are too rare.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Make keys more common or be able to get multiple at once like always get 2 when u get the drop or 3 etc. How will this benefit player/server? Players will be happier they are receiving more keys for the amount of time they spend camping for themHow could this be expanded in future? Not sureWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) More people doing them possibly which would bring in more skotizo drops in game so I guess could bring the price down of some but I can't see it being a huge impact.
  11. Hardcore Blu

    Add a right-click option on "Bosses" to be able to go to previous boss you teleported to.
  12. until

    Was a fun event! Congratz to all winners!
  13. Hardcore Blu

    Thanks for the amazing guide!
  14. Hardcore Blu

    ooo nice! Time to ::upgrade one

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