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  1. Infected

    Gz on OC and wish you have lots of awesome drops in the future!
  2. Infected

    Awesome goals you have there! Maybe we can grind on chaos eles someday. Wish you the best of luck and hope you got your Chaos Eles Jr too!
  3. Infected

    Some awesome goals you have there! Let's grind together at chaos eles. :P
  4. Infected

    Congrats to all winners!
  5. Infected

    Congrats! maybe road to 1m npc kills? :)
  6. Infected

    Best of luck and wish u have lots of awesome drops!
  7. Infected

    That's a very nice collection! Best of luck on your 1k goal!
  8. Infected

    A very good start and congrats on the brutal whip! I believe mroe ultra rare drops will come to you soon!
  9. Infected

    Best of luck and hope you have a sf drop soon!
  10. Infected

    Good luck and I hope you will have lots of drops!
  11. Infected

    For a 3D Signature : Name : Infected Secondary text : N/A / Up to you that whatever its nice. Color : No pref. Up to you that whatever its nice. Specific effect (Optional) : Would it be nice if you add some toxic or biohazard? Sorry, I'm a idiot when comes to graphics. I'll let you decide on everything. Thanks alot and take your time. :)
  12. Infected

    Yes, I guess. But I'll take a longer time this time. Got a new job so can't be too active in game soon.
  13. Today, I hit the 10k mark of Chaos Eles. Well, definitely not very easy but I somehow managed to pull through and these are my drops! :)           Felt a little sad because I can't get the pet after 10k kc. But I'll never give up! :) Maybe I'll try to hit 20k now. :D
  14. Infected

    Omg, I never see that before. What can I say? Luck is really on your side! Hope to see more awesome drops from you!