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    i wanna thank each one of you for making #DSGANG Great, it's lovely to see how everyone gets a long with eachother. there is a lot of respect. each one of you should be proud of yourself aswell for making DS! Lets keep it up! lots of more greatness to come! Much love, Dutch.

    1. 1atte


      Awww, you softie Dutch!

  2. Dutch

    i like setting up a goal of killing 10-100 kills of each boss & compare the loot. Also settings goals as in recieving every rare drop of a boss you'd like to grind. Greetings, Dutch.
  3. Dutch

    the best with a big head! 😛 Just kidding Greetings, Dutch.
  4. Dutch

    The game as there is lots of variation. But most important the community. i don't feel like i'm only playing the game, i feel like i'm hanging out with my friends. I LOVE #DSGANG! Thank you to each one of you for making it such a wonderfull time each single day. Greetings,Dutch.
  5. Dutch

    very well said 😮 i agree with PoonSlayer. Greetings, Dutch.
  6. Dutch

    Very good suggestion, Done some dreamland myself and it was the one thing that could be improved. Thank you so much Greetings,Dutch.
  7. Dutch

    that'd be a bit of work indeed, but it'd be very worth it! Thank you For the suggestion! Much love, Dutch.
  8. Dutch

    So far so good! love the idea & thoughts behind it We would definitely need to think this through though. Thank you so much for the suggestion, much love! Greetings, Dutch.
  9. Dutch

    hey, jon. thank you for your suggestion! Lots of interesting stuff here to think about Greetings, Dutch.
  10. Dutch

    thank you so much for the suggestion! I LOVE THAT IDEA ❤️
  11. Dutch

    not so sure about the exact numbers but iv'e been playing 75-100 hours a week the last month 😄 #dsgang
  12. Damn! that is 🔥 🔥 🔥 That just puts a smile on your face
  13. Dutch

    the best to do it #Gene
  14. Dutch

    maybe a slayer casket each time you prestige would be something. as of right now you have a chance of obtaining slayer keys from the slayer tasks Thank You For thinking with us! Greetings, Dutch
  15. Dutch

    something to brainstorm about, thank you for the post

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