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  1. insane update! we all appreciate how much work you guys put into this server, It doesn't go unnoticed!
  2. daviss

    insane update! amazing work
  3. daviss

    gl with the move! . Hope to see you back soon!
  4. daviss


    cya man , sad to see people go . goodluck with whatever u choose to do next!
  5. daviss

    Thanks man !     Ahah I'll try  ;)
  6. daviss

    Me and my family are attending a wedding / going on a Mini vacation a few states away I won't be online at all these next 3 days . See you guys soon !
  7. daviss

    wow dude congrats .!
  8. yo gl bro , keep me updated in game or on forums :p 
  9. daviss

    well done sir , maybe next time u will have better luck :P 
  10. Always in game and is very active at dicezone. i think you are doing an amazing job . love it

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