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  1. Vulcan

    Probably not worth it, imo.
  2. Vulcan

    Hello, I'm an old player returning, just signed in for the first time in I'd say in over a year maybe two years? I'm looking at spending some time on here again and I have no idea how to make money as so much has changed over the time I haven't logged in. I have an OwnersCape but I'm not sure on where to go to make some starter cash. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Vulcan

    Aye, congratulations to [member=Cleave] for getting married c:
  4. Vulcan

    Nice to see you guys progressing nicely.   https://gyazo.com/60112ec5c8afbec13d810c82b72c0eff   It'd be cool to see #1 one day.
  5. What has this come too.

  6. Vulcan

    Ayyyy! Congratulations dude! Massive achievement!
  7. Vulcan

    Congratulations to everyone that got promoted!
  8. Vulcan

    Congratulations to all the promotions including [member=Redaeran], [member=Two Step] and [member=Tixar]! All very well deserved! Also thanks to the News Staff for bringing out yet another amazing Dreamers Weekly!
  9. Vulcan

    Nice Log man! I agree with others that Spins aren't worth it at all but it still great for XP lamps and achievement points!
  10. Vulcan

    You have some luck my friend! Congratulations with all the loot!
  11. Vulcan

    Nice Drop log [member=B 0 S S]! Unlucky with no Prime Torva drops but hey! There's always next time!

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