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  1. Crixuz

    not welcoming me back :( haha nice what you and your team did there. was really enjoyable to read. Keep up the good work ! cant wait for the next one
  2. Crixuz

    Hey everyone some of you might know me from the past. Ive been on Dreamscape for a very long time and also have been a Staff Member and a News Team member aswell. was quite alot of fun back then. I decided to take a look at DS just to see how it is going and im happy to still see some old faces sadly i wont be able to be online alot since im in the military atm. but im glad to be back on here and see whats going on !
  3. Crixuz

    Welcome buddy, awesome to see you here. Also im also in love with Cars, but not only American ones. I prefer also the german ones which means BMW and Mercedes for example. Have a good one !
  4. Crixuz

    This idea is lovely, and also a really nice way to bring out his own creativness. I loved to participate on such Events, but sadly i never won em. Maybe im the only one who likes my Outfits :P Hopefully theres gonna be a Contest soon :)
  5. Crixuz

    It is made lovely, but its also possible since its 100 now, imagine doing this Layout with like 1K or even more, that would take some time to write it down haha :P Goodjob on this one, hopefully we are gonna see some more Droplogs anytime soon !
  6. Congrats on the Loot, but you should have not gamble it tho :P Id have keep it
  7. Crixuz

    Welcome buddy, i hope you doing fine and will enjoy Dreamscape ! Have alot of Fun buddy, and let de Adventure begin :)
  8. Crixuz

    Cool Name, i like it. Seems like you are someone who likes to hit the Gym very often :P
  9. Crixuz

    Well most of the Players just buy it to be able to host in the Gambling Area, or even to be able to play Flowerpoker. Also as Uzi stated above there are another awesome Benefits which you will also get. But i support this Idea to have more add ons on this Rank, also it seems to be pretty easy to receive this Rank Ingame, which is kinda sad. Id love to make it alot harder to receive it to make it Special.
  10. Crixuz

    You will be missed for sure buddy, i hope everything turns out great in your IRL and you can handle all the Problems. Goodluck buddy and takecare of yourself !
  11. Crixuz

    Welcome to the Forums buddy, im sure you will enjoy it aswell as the Game here you can find alot of Informations Guides Events and so on. Its worth to have a look in here :) Have fun buddy !
  12. Its a nice Thread you made there for Dreamscape buddy :) And yeah the Staff and the Community itself is Helpful and friendly overall, hopefully you stick with us for a long Time. Have Fun !
  13. Crixuz

    Really nice Drop which you got there, Congratulation. Seems like you got really lucky at this Boss :)
  14. Crixuz

    I like your Bank, especially because you are an Ironman. Im sure you will work your way towards a really great Bank if you keep going ! Wish you the best of Luck !
  15. Crixuz

    Welcome back Ajack, im glad that you were able to solve all your IRL Problems and are able to get back on on Dreamscape :)