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  1. Coffee Nut

    wubba lubba dub dub!!! ?
  2. Coffee Nut

    Best of Luck to all the contestants!
  3. Coffee Nut

    Thank you very much for the mention, I really appreciate it. I can sometimes be a little shy, so I usually keep to myself. We are constantly working on the Wiki, however, I do agree some information is falling behind, and we will just have to work harder. (:
  4. Coffee Nut

    I feel as it might be a bit biased
  5. Coffee Nut

    It will be a sad day when you leave, however, I hope you have fun on your future endeavours. Best of luck with everything bud
  6. Coffee Nut

    Congratulations to all those who have been promoted, farewell to all that have resigned or left. we will miss you.
  7. Coffee Nut

    Welcome Gurt, I hope you enjoy your time here, there are a lot of players and staff that will be happy to assist with anything, even though it doesn't really look like you'll need any help. Congratulations on playing for over 14 years! I hope your passion doesn't go away anytime soon. p.s. I know this is a late reply, but hey, better late than never right..
  8. Mate, still waitin' on that custom donation for 3 gold pieces

    1. Flae


      Has to be some giant gold pieces then! ;) 

  9. Coffee, Coffee is always on my mind!

  10. wow! nice updates, can't wait to see these new items in-game.
  11. Coffee Nut

    WOW haven't seen these in a very very long time. Thanks for the memories :)
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