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  1. Username: Daut / Firemaker Total In-Game Time: Daut: 4D 21H 43M Firemaker: 48D 1H 58M (This is here to show I have enough playtime) Timezone: The Netherlands - GMT +1 Payouts (Screenshots): Will be sent to Bowwow Bank (Screenshots): I have no bank at all but I do not mind since I am not here for bank as a TD Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: Well first of all lets start of with my history as Trusted Host. I've started playing on Dreamscape which resulted in me getting into Gambling. This Gambling I did on Dreamscape has been ages and I went for Trusted Host before. Being in the position to provide help for the people involved in Dicing, just satisfies my needs. The satisfaction makes me want to play more and more. Which results in being an active Dicer on Dreamscape. I resigned two times this happened due to private problems with time and life. I had to get things straight. Now I rejoined Dreamscape which made me immediatly go to Dicezone, just to see where the Dicezone went to. I love to see that ideas people bring in actually come in the game. Such as a room for Flower Poker only. I am familiar with every single thing that can be done in the Dicing community. Also I am well known either to the oldest persons on Firemaker. To the newer people who might know Daut. As if now I think my reason for thinking I could be chosen for Trusted Host: I think I can bring to the table what I have always been bringing to the table and even more since I have all spare time to come up with new features for dicers and the help for the newer people with explaining the ways of dicezone is in my blood. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: At first i would tell the people, that in my position as a TD there is no way I can return the items. If they still remember the name I would personally try and see if there is something to solve the issue between both sides. I would ask for proof, because without proof everyone can say whatever they want about scamming. If there is proof delivered or multiple people aware of this happening, I would send it threw to a normal staff member who can solve the issue due to their position in the game. All info i would have taken before I would send threw to a staff member so they know the situation.
  2. Daut

    Hello Snaup, I think this application is an example for most to look at. Just 1 issue with it: You used payouts from your own gambles a bit much. Not middle mans. (The first 9 I looked) Just a tip if you would ever come in another position to apply. Otherwise good application. But due to this fact I am staying NEUTRAL
  3. Daut

    I have been td for the longest time on the entire server also been legacy host for some time before I resigned. I spent close to 2 hours on making perfect applications to get into this position. I'm 100% sure this was more like 2 minutes. Put more effort in it if you want it that bad. (since its #2) Also NEVER respond on your own application, that is an immediate point of no return by going for: NO VOUCH (Green = Positive) (Red = Negative) (Yellow = My Point Of Experience)
  4. Daut

    Hello all, I have come to the end of the line with Dreamscape today. Been here for a while, all the old people feel me. Most of you old people know me by Firemaker. The new ones might know me by Daut. Been Trusted Dicer and lately Legacy Host for a LONG ASS TIME. I've started playing Dreamscape in around about February 2015. At this time the server had two owners which were there Night and Day for the community. @Chuck and Zeven which many of you might not now as I did. I've started my journey with the old rule of killing 100 npc's, these were the chickens in Seer's Village. The chickens were located next to the party room in Seer's Village. This Party Room used to be dicezone way back in the time. Every now and then when I skilled I saw people dice and thought that's what I admire to do later on. The first Trusted Dicer I met in Dreamscape was @Bale this person teached me how Flower poker worked and most of the old prices in the game. There were two people who I looked up to: " @Tyrant " and " Number two " , these two people used to be the most rich people in the entire game. Whilst I was enjoying doing the small pots with just the normal donator rank achieved by buying in game. I came along with Zeven more and more over Teamspeak3. Eventually they showed me that it was possible for me to get the first released custom Minigun in game since this one was just released as well. "Firemaker's Minigun" was a dream I could only have dreamed of. @Player own90 made my dream come true, and the first custom Minigun was under my name. This got me the Sponsor rank in game which had amazing features back in the day because everything was new and fresh. After a while I came in contact with @Potentials the Gambling Manager of that time. Pots you're a Legend if you read this. Potentials was the nicest guy I met in the whole time I was on Dreamscape. He was understandable in his own way and helped every single Trusted Dicer where he could. After a while some stuff happened in the staff team that also infected me. I diced versus an alt from the Owner " Zeven ". This caused me by my own stupidity to lose my Custom, and got me very upset. I quit Dreamscape for a couple of months… After a while I felt like it was time to rejoin Dreamscape with a fresh mindset to become the richest in game. Gladly enough I've never hit that point of boringness that could've infected my way of playing Dreamscape. I never was the type of PVM guy, which pushed me to the dice zone once again. This Time we had a new Gambling Manager, which also was an amazing lovely guy. @Cooni Cooni helped me to get back into the game, because he heard nice things about what I had done before from Potentials. Cooni also for you my man You Are A Legend. I set my journey further into Dreamscape's Dicing Community. This time we had an amazing team of Trusted Dicers which all were friends in game and through Teamspeak3. When Cooni stepped down we had a new Gambling Manager. @Emperor Nick Again an amazing guy which was also in my eyes a real role model for all the dicers. Nick you took the Dicing Community one step further on the road to succes, as being the first GM who helped the dicers out from personal funds. Like I mentioned a couple times, we had a complete new team because people come and people go. I like to thank all the people involved in all these 3 old periods I was there as well. You know who I speak to when you know me from back then. And again I quit Dreamscape for a couple of months... After this I returned and Nick was still the GM but he had a rough time with the scheduling of his own time so he stepped down. By this time our recent Gambling Manager @Lil Bowwow came in the vision of the staff team to fill in the gap that was left behind. Bowwow, bowwow, bowwow you my friend been through rough times and put up amazing work for everyone. While you couldn't do it full time at some point because there are mouths to feed you still do and did an absolute banger of a job. While you were away and the team started to fall apart, I thought to myself:" I am going to stay till this team is above his own needs and back to where it used to be. Which I did. So now it is the time for me to say Farwell to everyone and everything I love about Dreamscape. I won't uninstall dreamscape on my pc, but I don't think I can find any time to be more online as 10 minutes in a couple of days. I enjoyed every single time I logged in and that's all because of You guys. The Community. I want to thank every single Trusted Dicer and Person who knows or knew me threw Dreamscape. I would again like to thank all the Gambling Managers Personal out the bottom of my heart. @Potentials@Cooni@Emperor Nick@Lil Bowwow Also I would like to thank the Owners for whatever they struggle with for Dreamscape they get it done. @Chuck@Stuart@DRAX(zeven for how long it was) Sorry that I can't thank all Trusted Dicers or Dicer Teammates I was with in the past years. But I do a couple just because I had a special bonding with them. @mboxie@Shelter@Lil Bowwow@Tyrant@Bale@Wolfnuke Don't think I don't love you when I don't mention you, but it is just not possible to mention everyone. Also I want to thank all old and new Staff Members from the bottom of my heart, because these are the Real Living Legends of Dreamscape which make it all come true. @Athene you are the special duck I thank because you are the PVM LEGEND of Dreamscape. Well that's it my End of the Line.
  5. Daut

    Forum Username: Daut/FiremakerRank Requesting: VeteramAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 25th May 2016 so 24 months exactlyScreenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation: 134 post count Sorry cant make printscreen with the crack pc on my internship
  6. Daut

    -In game name. Jayne (alt) -Game Time Played 47 days 19 hours 1 minute -Reason why you want to join this clan. If it gets dark you need a fire and I'm the one who can make you one.
  7. Daut

    Always here and there in some of these! IGN: (The one and only) Firemaker TZ: GMT +1
  8. Daut

  9. in-game Name: Firemaker Why you want the sets: Since my bank only excists with 4 items in it now its a clear mind to start collecting those babies and making it to a 5K collection. I have my faith in believing.
  10. Shall we meet this evening like in 12H? 1 on 1 convo?

  11. Daut

    Never had a better Gambling Manager Cooni and Nick are awesome but we had a special bonding K3
  12. Daut

    prizes as money would be great but we need a different way to spend cash quicker, cause the eco is hurting under more cash (whatever is left of the eco)
  13. Daut

    Firemaker ty for hosting