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  1. Daut

    Everything is already mentioned above ///VOUCH///
  2. Daut

    I rather see jailed people die instead of rejoin LUL.
  3. Daut

    As much as I love this idea. It isn't reasonable. Items change by price a lot as all of you know. Making a list should get updated by every placed item in the market. This is just not possible. The system now sometimes solves these issues. Firemaker Daut
  4. Daut

    Forum Username: Daut/FiremakerRank Requesting: VeteramAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 25th May 2016 so 24 months exactlyScreenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation: 134 post count Sorry cant make printscreen with the crack pc on my internship
  5. Daut

    -In game name. Jayne (alt) -Game Time Played 47 days 19 hours 1 minute -Reason why you want to join this clan. If it gets dark you need a fire and I'm the one who can make you one.
  6. Daut

    Always here and there in some of these! IGN: (The one and only) Firemaker TZ: GMT +1
  7. Daut

  8. in-game Name: Firemaker Why you want the sets: Since my bank only excists with 4 items in it now its a clear mind to start collecting those babies and making it to a 5K collection. I have my faith in believing.
  9. Shall we meet this evening like in 12H? 1 on 1 convo?

  10. Daut

    Never had a better Gambling Manager Cooni and Nick are awesome but we had a special bonding K3
  11. Daut

    prizes as money would be great but we need a different way to spend cash quicker, cause the eco is hurting under more cash (whatever is left of the eco)
  12. Daut

    Firemaker ty for hosting
  13. When are we gonna chat pots?


    Missing you ingame and on Discord (Teamspeak back than)