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  1. Daut

    I think if you like mentioned above be a bit more online. You would be a great TD. ///NEUTRAL///
  2. Daut

    Everything is already mentioned above ///VOUCH///
  3. Daut

    Outbreak you are meeting all requirements in my eyes. Enough uptime, and a great guy to speak with. I also see you help a lot of people with the knowledge of gambling. Keep up the good work. ///VOUCH///
  4. Daut

    I rather see jailed people die instead of rejoin LUL.
  5. Daut

    As much as I love this idea. It isn't reasonable. Items change by price a lot as all of you know. Making a list should get updated by every placed item in the market. This is just not possible. The system now sometimes solves these issues. Firemaker Daut
  6. Daut

    Forum Username: Daut/FiremakerRank Requesting: VeteramAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 25th May 2016 so 24 months exactlyScreenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation: 134 post count Sorry cant make printscreen with the crack pc on my internship
  7. Daut

    -In game name. Jayne (alt) -Game Time Played 47 days 19 hours 1 minute -Reason why you want to join this clan. If it gets dark you need a fire and I'm the one who can make you one.
  8. Daut

    Always here and there in some of these! IGN: (The one and only) Firemaker TZ: GMT +1
  9. Daut

  10. in-game Name: Firemaker Why you want the sets: Since my bank only excists with 4 items in it now its a clear mind to start collecting those babies and making it to a 5K collection. I have my faith in believing.
  11. Shall we meet this evening like in 12H? 1 on 1 convo?

  12. Daut

    Never had a better Gambling Manager Cooni and Nick are awesome but we had a special bonding K3
  13. Daut

    prizes as money would be great but we need a different way to spend cash quicker, cause the eco is hurting under more cash (whatever is left of the eco)