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  1. Hello all, I have come to the end of the line with Dreamscape today. Been here for a while, all the old people feel me. Most of you old people know me by Firemaker. The new ones might know me by Daut. Been Trusted Dicer and lately Legacy Host for a LONG ASS TIME. I've started playing Dreamscape in around about February 2015. At this time the server had two owners which were there Night and Day for the community. @Chuck and Zeven which many of you might not now as I did. I've started my journey with the old rule of
  2. Always here and there in some of these! IGN: (The one and only) Firemaker TZ: GMT +1
  3. lul you get one and we all don't derp
  4. in-game Name: Firemaker Why you want the sets: Since my bank only excists with 4 items in it now its a clear mind to start collecting those babies and making it to a 5K collection. I have my faith in believing.
  5. appreciate it alot IGN: Firemaker
  6. Shall we meet this evening like in 12H? 1 on 1 convo?

  7. Never had a better Gambling Manager Cooni and Nick are awesome but we had a special bonding K3
  8. When are we gonna chat pots?


    Missing you ingame and on Discord (Teamspeak back than)

  9. Daut

    PCE Out

    I was in that position once. I feel you, sad to see this stuff break up relationships or close to it. Ciao
  10. I'll be glad to see you return Doc.
  11. Daut

    MOTM March

    ew mawk @Road 2 Swag
  12. Stylish https://gyazo.com/3c647524e6c55642d617796a4a559fac
  13. My entry of the floating rabbit with some classic style https://gyazo.com/02338d2bd0969d71c5ed8a390fd48654 Its futuristic because he has invisible legs and is a bunny with a beret
  14. Back from gone. my outfit as smooth as a baby's ass https://gyazo.com/823945ba2df6f2cc4c5398c9a7cd6985 https://gyazo.com/2218ed20a5a778a5098a799ffd5032a7
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