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  1. Long time no see guys! :-) How are you all? Let's kill the hydra boss together!!
  2. Imagine God

    Well... it didn't work :( The mouse eat all the cheese of it again somehow.... I'll kill him tonight with my Ornate Katana when I see him again!
  3. Imagine God

    So... sometimes you have mouses in your house that you don't want to have in your house.... You could buy a snake and let it 'walk' in your house, buy a cat, use some potion or.... you set a mouse trap! So we set up a trap and the mouse eats all the time the cheese from the trap. So now I got some rope around the cheese and attached this to the trap. Now it is waiting Let me post a new image when he is in it! Wish me luck :D
  4. Imagine God

    Great pictures bro, next time take me with you? :D
  5. Imagine God

    lol @Zeven the community here doesn't see a lot of woman in-game. :D Anyway, Welcome @Bloodygirl I am glad you enjoy this server that much! I am also from The Netherlands so don't hesitate to PM me in game for further help. See you in-game!
  6. Imagine God

    Why would you have another Pica? I really like your forum avatar right now. Perhaps you can find something on the internet? (Google)
  7. Imagine God

    Dreamscape has been made in Java so it needs to being place in Java. MSI file means that it is the java file for Windows. We also have a Mac OS version for Mac users. Nothing to worry. If you having any problems, please send me a PM with your problem and a screenshot with it. Goodluck!
  8. Imagine God

    It's really great we have Discord now. It is a really great program to use. I hope to see new people asap on it.
  9. Imagine God


    What did you eat or drink? haha Love u 2 mate!!
  10. Imagine God

    In-game name: Imagine GodName of the outfit: THE warrior IRL
  11. Imagine God

    wel... HARDCORE is REALLY worth it bro! It has extra drop rate but your exp gains will be very slow. But this server is currently based on NPC and bosses and not in skills. Currently we are working to bring in more skills. But you can always remove your hardcore by doing ::removehardcore. NOTE: you can not change it back to hardcore after this. Goodluck! Ps. If you don't have a hardcore yet you have to make a new account. Goodluck!
  12. Imagine God

    Thanks Suffer, you do see me sometimes. Thanks bro! but I am also Wiki editor and beta tester
  13. Imagine God

    @Vince, April first was like 1 and a half month ago! I will really gonna miss you and I hope everything will gonna be well soon IRL and yourself of course! <3 Once a #DSGANG member... FORERVER a #DSGANG member <3
  14. Imagine God

    @Suffer Try not to spam bro. it is kind of spam if you reply to every comment someone makes.
  15. Imagine God

    congrtzzz on your Glaive Suffer, one day I would also like to have one myself! Enjoy it and I hope you will get lot's of drops!!

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