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    just want to say I am coming back fully. u may see me online for 30min then logging out i have seen alot of improvement in the server. been like 9-10 month havent came online but just for 10-30min. but discord i dont know why i cant talk @DRAX help a brother out lol
  2. splitrunner

    bodhi just said it for me
  3. splitrunner

    @Rhys have been banned because talking alot of negative around the community
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  5. splitrunner

    nothing it mine
  6. splitrunner

    if we added this I would vouch
  7. splitrunner

    gtfo of here
  8. splitrunner

    I have been on this server for about 3-4 year. The thing I want to be on the server is to improve the skilling so alot of players can make money while skill. their alot of pvm in this server but if the community help as changing the skill to make a thing for Ironman and the normal player to make money. for example, if we can make American set and different type of armour for Smith plus you can fail when you smith the armour. there should be crossbow that uses bolts that you can wear. this is because there no crossbow to wear we need to add some crossbow. there should be armours that can degrade for example the crystal set and different armour that should be able to degrade armours and weapon you would need to use something to active it. if there is thing u want to add on it put in the comment below. sorry, because of my grammar plus i have dyslexia
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    the bleed champ is back gtfo out of here
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  11. splitrunner

    535 god dammmmmmmmmmn we haven't hit 1k yet wtf
  12. splitrunner

    8/10 my real nigga
  13. splitrunner

    Game time The name of the game is last man standing I am going to make a comment and the next person will have to use my last word to begin their own comment You cant reply to the comment You must start a new sentence Example Comment one: life is sweet Comment two : sweet like sugar Oya! Leggo i would start
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    hello guy this is one quick message I am coming back to dreamscape by the end of October or maybe early i am back ???
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    72 this is the best rsps I we would be there under 1 month or on my birthday it not far away lol
  19. splitrunner

    64 @DRAX who say 10k post would win it that would be sick
  20. splitrunner

    55 darklordrr would fk this up for everyone tbh
  21. splitrunner

    i am back
  22. splitrunner

    write or die
  23. splitrunner

    dongs is the way
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