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  1. splitrunner

    i am extreme and non don sug 1: make a skill cape for the don rank however the was the lvl up is from killing pvm in their don zone i like up one but it should be on the colour of their rank for example normal don would be a red rank / super don should be green / extreme don should be blue / Sponsor should be pink / Executive should be light black / Platinum Partner should be purple but with a crown on it sug 3 : just make dice zone for don rank that would gamble something and have the ability to teleport to dicezone. i think this wouldnt happen this is because of the code and the key. we should move it at home and easy to access then teleport to dicezone. sug 4: extreme don store need more item in it. to make sure extreme don to come their. sug 5: don rank should have a icon around them. sug6: i dont know about this one but if u lots add a don rank pet drop from killing monster in the don zone sug7: this is for extreme to have the ability to a owner cape but in a different content. so extreme don would have the ability to don for sponsor or maybe more sug8 this is mainly for normal don if their can hit 1-2k in a day the have a ability to have 1 hour of ddr sorry for the grammar plus i have dyslexia
  2. splitrunner

  3. splitrunner

    bodhi just said it for me
  4. splitrunner

    just want to say I am coming back fully. u may see me online for 30min then logging out i have seen alot of improvement in the server. been like 9-10 month havent came online but just for 10-30min. but discord i dont know why i cant talk @DRAX help a brother out lol
  5. splitrunner

    @Rhys have been banned because talking alot of negative around the community
  6. splitrunner

    nothing it mine
  7. splitrunner

    gtfo of here
  8. splitrunner

    the bleed champ is back gtfo out of here
  9. splitrunner

  10. splitrunner

    535 god dammmmmmmmmmn we haven't hit 1k yet wtf
  11. splitrunner

    8/10 my real nigga
  12. splitrunner