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  1. splitrunner

    I agrees with this have 2 differents dz
  2. amazing updated hope you lots do way better updated i cant wait for the next updated
  3. amazing work guys keep it going. cant wait for the next updated hope it do way better then this
  4. lovely guide james. i dont use sara brew because it will drop your combat stats down but not you may use restore for it to bring back your stats up
  5. splitrunner

    i like this idea hope someone make it
  6. splitrunner

    you can check on wiki for the drop rate for diablo if u want to or here if you are planning to get full set of dream range and if u are planning to get it good luck
  7. splitrunner

    love some of the picture. keep up with the work.
  8. splitrunner

    welcome back feel free pm him if u need help
  9. splitrunner

    yh we need to improve skilling alot u got my ovuch
  10. splitrunner

    @Floorgangi love this idea i think u need to you the correct format for suggestion
  11. splitrunner

    welcome back feel free to pm in game if u need help (spru v2)
  12. splitrunner

    vaider said what i want to say. this is helping to me when i want to help play
  13. splitrunner

    englog just said what i want to say i report this before when i want to help player it would let me
  14. splitrunner

    the trivia is updated

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