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  1. splitrunner

    thank you was going to say something like this on the other hand i think monster hp should go down to it will be easy to kill for new player also any type of hard bosses
  2. splitrunner

    I love you idea to bring ever monster hp down. Also I think new will easily understand this and make money U got my support for this
  3. why updated come when i am ill 😭 love updated just waitting for the next one
  4. splitrunner

    btw you cant reply on your own application
  5. splitrunner

    welcome back, i hope you dont leave again and again. feel free to pm if you need help
  6. splitrunner

    you got my vouch for this. i am a person who like to gamble also take risk to make money back or lose it. we need more gamble game for player can play it and take risk on it
  7. good luck to everyone
  8. splitrunner

    i love when old player come back to dreamscape this help the community more. if you need help you know who to pm.
  9. splitrunner

    same as me i was like what is this $ on my screen i had a amount and i just look at my forums and it went up again
  10. splitrunner

    i am a person who play any game that come in minds but i play ds more then them
  11. splitrunner

    no vouch for me. you didnt meet the recommed imo this application have been rush. i dont see you talk in discord also you dont have the correct forums post.
  12. i am going to do all the tier to see if i am able to complete it
  13. i didnt know there a guide for this new player will love this also player that want to do cape but failled the will now understand this
  14. splitrunner

    i agrees with you i support this suggestion
  15. splitrunner

    everyone is a winner

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