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  1. splitrunner

  2. splitrunner

    What would u do if u was co-owner in dreamscape and what would you bring in dreamscape.
  3. splitrunner

    Om torva is banned because he cant admit he got banned in game
  4. splitrunner

  5. splitrunner

    Iek care i won already
  6. splitrunner

  7. splitrunner

    AUr not
  8. splitrunner

    Ur not
  9. splitrunner

    U lots r dream this is not a dream in matter if u want to know If ur dreaming to win this i woulf say this to u stop using ur love ❤️❤️ for this there different thing u can do something like make money in dreamscape, work, if u play dreamscape alot go and do the right thing this would waste ur love time on something that would make u go one and never stop. The time that would happen is when a staff lock it for good all love 😍❤️ i am the firat player to win ngl
  10. splitrunner

    What a penguin fav films is
  11. splitrunner

    Fk it dont work here
  12. splitrunner

  13. splitrunner

    I won all ready
  14. splitrunner

    Fk u