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  1. splitrunner

    welcome to dreamscape rsps i hope you enjoy feel free to pm in game if u need help @spru v2
  2. splitrunner

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? n/aWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? to make a HCIM How will this benefit player/server? at this time of this suggestion the comp been shutdown. in the next comming updated to can changed the comp into HCIM. so the youtube can make weekly videos and upload on youtube. just depend on them How could this be expanded in future? alot of iron man will love to be a content like this so there can challege them self. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) the negative effect that could happen is players will lose there account on the death or make it into a iron man mode depend on the commect drop blow
  3. splitrunner

    i would love to we that +1
  4. splitrunner

    i agrees with scapeher0 no vouch for this
  5. splitrunner

    there nothing to say big vouch also, there are some advantage for this pvp world will bring new pvp player in to dreamscape. imo this is like deadman mode there should weekly or monthly events so new player and old player. that can help them to earn money in the customer world. i think there shouldnt be a rank for this world because alot of player will abuse the system. imo the right staff for this is australia because he is one or 2 staff who i know that love pvp. i think there shouldnt be a rank for this world because alot of player will abuse the system
  6. splitrunner

    @AsleepDemon has been banned for rwt
  7. splitrunner

    6/10 Why number in name
  8. splitrunner

    just waitting on nov and see how it is and it my brithday as well
  9. splitrunner

    47 when is the event over @Bodhi i understand u got school work as well
  10. splitrunner

    if the event is still on number 45
  11. splitrunner

    keep grind my brother wish ppl grind on pvm as well