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  1. splitrunner

    Username: splitrunner/spru v2Rank In-game: Extreme rank Proof (screenshot): i have done this and one of the forums gave me a super don for no reason but here is proof https://gyazo.com/863e4c348c40c8d316ecafdcc149ef1e
  2. congratulations englog for forumz admin K3 i know you can hit this mark 

  3. splitrunner

    https://gyazo.com/c8f0daa915f0552b4777520395e465c1 40 kc https://gyazo.com/7a9c1b2399adf670f07f11ad4affcbcc 97 kc https://gyazo.com/52e3a2193b4486b581fb33409d59429a 1335 kc
  4. splitrunner

    hello! welcome back feel free to pm if u need help foranything
  5. splitrunner

    there nothing to say everyone love u K3 @Ninja
  6. splitrunner

    I got 2 drop in September monthly it the same drop one at 40 kcand one at 1335 kc I all so love enjoy read this. @Englog or @Bodhi one of u 2 can u interview me for September of the monthly when about to finish
  7. splitrunner

    i never see u around because i am on my alt alot that is the reason i rarely see u but i may saw u once or twice around but still i will give u a vouch and good luck homie
  8. splitrunner

    @C h r i s i was about to make a suggestion about this but i for got to do it
  9. splitrunner

    there should be a 5 year cape for this and you lots need to get this juice discount right now before it gone
  10. splitrunner

    In-game Username: splitrunner Forum Username: splitrunner Discord Username:👑👑splitrunner👑👑#3070 How old are you? 20 What is your current time zone? bst Have you ever been blocked from the wiki, or received any other infraction relating to DreamScape? N/A Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki or other website (Forums, for example)? If so, provide what you did. i dont have any type of experience into wiki. i want to learn something new. Write a brief introduction about yourself, both in-game and in real life. my name is Omar i am 20 year old from the uk. i love to go and player football when i am free. also i love playing dreamscape. When considering what your desired position entails, what is your biggest strength? my biggest strength is working with a team and solving. The reason why is because a lot of error that can occur to anything for example, when you are working on a wiki or anything what can occur a error u would need to work as a team in a wiki editor Your Biggest weakness? my communication is not that good because i have dyslexia What has been your best moment in Dreamscape? Why is it your favourite? the best moment been in dreamscape was when i got dream mage helm @ 40 kc. The reason why is because it is my lower kc with a rare drop. i dont know if anyone got lower then that.
  11. splitrunner

  12. splitrunner

    i vouch on this all so we can have a scav pet as well on top of this
  13. splitrunner

    u neeeeed my helm ahahahh i would give it a vouch my idea is having all of the dream set upgraded at one time for a dream hybrid set
  14. splitrunner

    What's the current issue? there is no issue it just a suggestion What's your suggested way of fixing it? to have the ability to go to the person that has the ability to exchange all potion and brew flask to full then have (1-2-3-4-5) or (1-2-3) rather have a full pot if less pot to use when going for pvm if you want to have your potion and blew flask full u need to pay a fee to have it full How will this benefit the player/server? the can benefit the player and the server if we have a shop change in:: DH or home shop How could this be expanded in the future? this can help the server out a lot then buying new pot when u have a lot of used potWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) it's possible their arent any