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    gl and have fun everyone!
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    so when i was trying to duel someone with npc duel, it said that i need to be sponsor, but i had super donor ticket. so what i mean that all ppl who want to gamble can gamble with npc duel. or just make it for some week to try to for all server
  3. So i was playing this dreamscape server some time ago for an long time, now im back here and im just really enyoing time in here alot of changes for me. My most favourite thing on this server is getting some crazy item drops or gambling, cuz im gambler 😄 just cant stop with that, but its always a good feeling by getting good items and wining some gambles. World boss in this server is doing really grate job, its like getting not osrs game, but an some mmorpg game and thats really interesting in here, cuz i was not thinking that osrs game can be that changed. I think i dont need to tell what i think about this server, cuz by reading my feedback u can understand that it gives me alot of fun in dreamscape server. Things that i would change on this server: NPC duel gambling can do normal donators too ( with donator badge) Adding some bosses that drops only cosmetic items, so u can make events like one of the beautiful clothes and ppl will trade those items too, ofcourse if they will look grate! If it would be possible add an horse race or dog race for gambling 😄 idk if its hard to do, but that would be really exciting thing. I dont know alot of staff members on server, but lately some staffs ive met they helped alot to me, hc circle was really helpfull, nala was making really enjoyable events.

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