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  1. Hey guys, just a couple things I noticed that I think could change to make this server a little bit better.   1. First and foremost, the lag. I personally wouldn't be adding in anything until we fix the lag, I see things getting added but the lag is still there. Me personally, the lag is why I have yet to donate. I feel the server has a great base but the lag takes so much away from it.   2. The home location won't work forever. Ultimately the goal is to become a big server with thousands of players on at once, and the current home location just won't suffice. I think the GE would be a great place for home.   3. That brings me to my next idea, getting the GE working. Right now it is incredibly difficult to buy and sell items. If we had a functioning grand exchange that would make everything a lot easier and could even cut down on spam. Of course since the max cash stack is 2.147b, the GE would have to be able to accept tickets. It might be a little difficult because some items aren't at the 1b mark, but maybe we could create another GE teller for items 999m and below.   4. Prayer altar re-location. It struck me odd that the chaos altar and ancients altar are not in the same building as the regular altar. I'd put all of them in the same building as some new players (myself included) where confused as to where to find the other altars.   5. Vet'ion is a great place for people to start making more money when they get better armor, however there isn't many Vet'ion's there so people often fight over them and it just gets annoying.   6. Skilling is also pretty difficult right now. Mining takes a while and it also takes for ever for the rocks to re-spawn. As the server grows, people will fight over these rocks and we have an issue. Cooking also appears to not be working. I think if we had rocks / trees that didn't disappear, that would be idea. Also at smithing, there is a range next to the smelter, that should be an anvil. I know there's one further up but it makes no sense.   7.  Not being able to yell is also frustrating. I understand it may cut down on spam, but the old servers I played where everyone could yell, there wasn't a whole lot of spam.   8. Why is there no safe spotting? I get it at mage gray and bosses like that, but places like ::flameking, all one needs is souls split. Making them use a couple prayer pots isn't really helping or hurting much. I think the only enforced no safe spotting should be at the big bosses.     I'm sure more ideas will come, but I only just started not too long ago so I'm still learning the ins and outs of the server haha.

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