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  1. Lavacake

    Space torva for me for sure
  2. great update!!! loved to see how happy everyone was with this update!!
  3. Lavacake

    Love to see what you guys end up doing Keep up the great work!
  4. Lavacake


    ahahaha i lost first round again =p thanks for hosting again always =D
  5. Lavacake


    lost early again but thanks for hosting ❤️
  6. Eventssss Even if i lost,i love it ❤️ Thanks chuck and nala for hosting those amazing events wish I could make it to all of them.
  7. until

    lost early but thanks for hosting as always ❤️
  8. until

    Ty for hosting ❤️ Had fun 😃
  9. Welcome back Nala and Good Luck to all.
  10. until

    gl all
  11. Lavacake

    same here
  12. So awesome, really love that new market pos update which will be good in future aswell
  13. Lavacake

    Congrats guys!
  14. Lavacake

    In-Game Name: Rilautia Number: 456 In-Game Rank & Time Played: SuperDonater 2:17:45 What do you like most most about DreamScape?: Honestly i like everything,the community and customs,just hate the droprates tho XD How and why did you join DreamScape?: Was looking for a server and i picked the first one on site :D Seems like ive made the right choice =D

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