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  1. Divine

    I agree to this. VOUCH
  2. Divine

    Being a Helper is important, I respect your decision. 
  3. Divine

    Wow! Just pure luck! :)
  4. Wow, that is amazing!   Inb4 update for new weapon!!   Gz man!
  5. Divine

    Jeez lucky you... Andddd there goes your RNG forever.... Lmao
  6. Divine

    Great video, and great choice of song! I would've hoped you got another solar flare though! :/   Gl next time!
  7. Divine

    So many of you would have figured out that it is Eid today..   So anyone else celebrating it with me - Eid Mubarak! :)
  8. Divine

    Inb4 Giveaway!! Lmao   Gz of loots :)
  9. Divine

    Lmao nice Dp!   Sorry to say I wasn't there :/
  10. Divine

    Yeppie!! Finally!!!!      
  11. Divine

    Have a spoon full of Honey everyday.   Or just herbal tea.   Your welcome! :)
  12. Divine

    Owner! Your like the most awesome guy in this game!   Your soo helpful and have time to chat to us player! So, its a thank you, to you.
  13. Damn Nice!   But the Agility level tho... Hahaha!
  14. Divine

    Wow.. I am in love with this playlist... Like every song I like is on there..
  15. Divine

    Ups, I remember you when you were like me.. a Noob, now look at you mate, your one of the best player in game. I aspired to be like you!   Its so sad to hear your resignation. I hope you will still be a bit active and not quit.   Cya round -Divine500