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  1. Javier

    Like Peripheral said, we already have elo which is more or less the same thing. It takes a little longer to truly see the damage bonus but its there
  2. Javier

    I would love to see more single target damage weapons for magic, apart from the soulflare x, we dont really have any. Inf gauntlets are op but theyre not single target. definitely a vouch from me for this one
  3. Javier

    Take care Penn! I wish you the best of luck with whatever it is you plan on doing and hope that someday you come back ❤️ Take care of yourself bud
  4. Hope everyone is staying safe and making the best of this situation :)

  5. Javier

    Super sick goals man, love seeing people setting goals for themselves! Hope to see you ingame some time
  6. Javier

    Welcome mate, hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to message me ingame anytime
  7. Javier

    A melee only boss would be pretty sick. Melee used to be best for a good while. Definitely would love to see melee become viable again. It's a vouch from me
  8. Javier

    Interesting idea, i think adding higher tiers and better items gives more of an incentive to get people donating. Curious to see what other suggestions get added to this.
  9. Javier

    I agree with Regis, i think a single page with All the customs displayed like a gallery would be a cool idea. would also make it easier on wiki team
  10. Have you ever tried to eat a clock? It's very time consuming.

  11. Javier

    Welcome back mate Hope you have fun learning everything thats new in Dreamscape and stick around! Feel free to PM me ingame if you need any help - Javierhc
  12. Javier

    Welcome back mate! Hope you stick around 😄
  13. Javier

    As soon as the update dropped, first thing i said was that rainbow fish were going to skyrocket, i can assure you i havent forgotten about them. Does not change the fact that eating food and continuing to attack after gives plenty of time to get stacked out, i don't think youll be able to outheal some of the things that cause rapid damage and hit often. My statement stands, I believe either Soulsplit needs a minor buff to make it more viable or some enemies need to be balanced. I wouldn't have suggested this if i did not believe in it myself CJ
  14. Javier

    I love the idea of making the bandage a useful piece of equipment. I definitely would love to see it heal full hp every 10 seconds or something like that. I am farming sire right not and its super annoying having to bring a full inventory of sara brews just to heal after every kill. Although i still feel that soulsplit needs to have a little buff to it, this is headed in the right direction. VOUCH from me
  15. Javier

    Welcome to the server mate! Happy youre having a great time Hope to see you around!

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