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  1. I love you all and hope youre having an amazing week so far and are staying safe ❤️

  2. Javier

    Great guide, will definitely use this when i start playing ironman more often 😛 keep up the great work Jess
  3. Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day ❤️ 

  4. Javier

    About time ❤️ Congratulations Vaider, well deserved 😄
  5. Javier

    We are going to include this in an upcoming update, already in the works 😄 Appreciate your suggestions!
  6. Javier

    Doing great, thanks for asking! Hope you're doing well 😄
  7. Javier

    I mean its not that hard to just pick up your pet lol it takes like 2 seconds No vouch
  8. Javier

    I agree that the staff team needs to be a bit more organized, not just the donation team but development as well. I also agree that some things need to be added/changed regarding the rules to be more transparent and more straight forward with the comminity. I will be open to suggestions and you can message them to me on discord or ingame and ill get everything written down and added to our capture list. I appreciate your feedback and assure you we will look into it
  9. Hope everyone enjoys the update! We spent alot of time working on this, hope it was well worth the wait!
  10. Congratulations to Hard Fais v2 on winning the $1k store credit!

    1. Hard Fais V2

      Hard Fais V2

      wait what i won? l0l0l brilliant

      ill be on a bit


  11. Javier

    Best of luck to all 3 of you! Regardless of who wins, keep up the phenomenal work and I hope to see you all continue to thrive 😄
  12. Javier

    Sire crystals will always be viable as long as dream sets are in the game. We are coming out with some new methods in upcoming updates so make sure to keep an eye out for those!
  13. Javier

    Welcome to Dreamscape! If youve got anby questions or concerns, feel free to pm me ingame or join the help cc 😄 Hope you enjoy your stay here with us and have a great time
  14. Javier

    Denied. We don't feel this suggestion needs to be implemented in the game.
  15. Javier

    Denied. We don't feel this suggestion needs to be implemented in the game.

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